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Cause Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Brand and a Good Cause


Cause marketing can inspire people from all walks of life to unite for a meaningful cause and establishes a mutually beneficial relationship between a business and a nonprofit organization. As one of the most powerful ways to elicit support, cause marketing allows companies to demonstrate their social responsibility. Through a philanthropic voice, companies are able to attract prospective customers and generate business for a cause they value. Here are some strategies that companies of all sizes can utilize for an impactful cause marketing campaign

Pledge to Donate a Portion of Sales

This is one of the simplest cause marketing strategies and does not require too much effort on behalf of the businesses. Designate a certain product or service your business offers and pledge to donate a percentage of sales or a specific dollar amount to your chosen nonprofit. Make sure the nonprofit you choose is one that your target audience can identify with and will want to support. Donations add up quickly through this method of cause marketing because its quick and easy for people to give while already in the sales process. Before implementing this cause marketing strategy, teach your employees about the cause, why it’s a good cause for your business and display encouraging advertisements to interest customers.

Sponsor an Event

Sponsor a walk, run, concert or other charity event to raise awareness about a cause and show your company’s support. As an official sponsor of an event, your company can build real in-person relationships and create positive press while raising funds. By choosing to sponsor a local charity or nonprofit, your business has a better chance at connecting with the community since people will feel more attached to a cause that’s close to home.

Start a Social Media Campaign

Once partnered with a nonprofit, announce the partnership and engage your online audience with a social media campaign that delivers a powerful message about your cause. Use your company’s social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to promote the cause and engage an audience far beyond your community. Run contests, share photos and articles, post a poll and create a custom hashtag to spread the word. Social media advertisements can be helpful in reaching a new audience and engaging different supporters and prospective customers. Social media campaigns can also offer a more cost-effective avenue for some businesses to advertise, and they allow you to get in front of your target audience regardless of time or location.

Publicize Your Support with Branded Products

Advertise your company’s support by creating custom t-shirt, jackets, hats, sunglasses and other apparel that clearly displays your company’s support for the cause. You can sell branded apparel and products with funds donated to your cause or give promotional items to volunteers and staff at a sponsored fundraising event. Wearing branded products helps your audience feel like they are part of the cause while increasing exposure for your business.

Craft Your Cause Marketing Campaign with an Expert

No matter which cause marketing strategy you chose, in order to fully engage and illicit a response from your target audience you will need a well-researched and creative strategy. Partner with Strategic Marketing, a full-service marketing and advertising agency, for expert guidance in your company’s cause marketing venture. Strategic Marketing provides in-depth research and analysis of the best cause marketing strategies for your business and nonprofit. With decades of experience building successful campaigns, our team is committed to providing the highest level of creative services and delivering messages across all types of media. To discuss your ideas for a cause marketing campaign, contact Strategic Marketing at (561)688-8155 today.