Brand Reputation Management and Review Generation

Even before visiting your website or contacting your business, it’s likely that a prospective customer has already determined whether or not they will invest their time and money based on your business’s online reputation. Online reviews and ratings determine the credibility of your business; with the majority of consumers owning a smart device, such as a phone or tablet, they can instantly see positive or negative comments that others have posted online about your business. Fortunately, Strategic Marketing offers proprietary brand reputation management solutions, including SmartRep, that can make generating and managing online reviews easier than ever before.

Features of our reputation management service include:

  • Automated management software – once you are set up, our software will automatically filter the reviews for you by pushing positive reviews to anywhere you want them displayed and routing negative reviews back to you to be addressed, without ever publishing them online
  • Branded email marketing – our software provides an email template that enables us to add your logo and contact information, allowing you to provide a custom message so your customers can be assured the message is from you
  • One central dashboard – rather than jumping from review site to review site, our platform collects your reviews and ratings in one place, giving you a singular view of your online reputation

Strategic Marketing has developed a solution for brand reputation management that allows you to focus on providing excellent customer service while our software handles the bulk of the review generation and reputation management process. Providing 24/7 monitoring of reviews and your business’s overall rating, SmartRep makes managing your online reviews a seamless process. Contact us today to get started generating reviews and improving your online reputation.