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Media Buying

From traditional to digital and online to offline, Strategic Marketing is an expert in the field of media buying and placement for our clients. Our media buying services have proven to be successful through a range of channels, including TV, radio, print and online media such as pay-per-click and digital retargeting. Strategic Marketing can help your company increase your reach through meticulous research, planning and buying. We conduct comprehensive market research to determine when and where your ads will be the most effective, ensuring your ads are reaching the right people and demographics at the right times.

Traditional Media Buying

Our traditional media buying experts negotiate with media reps to get you the best rate and maximum exposure for the most effective media placement. We have earned the respect of countless media organizations through years of trusted affiliations. In the event of a discrepancy, we make sure you receive the appropriate make goods to ensure exposure is not lost and your media buying dollars are not wasted. Our thorough media audits also ensure that your ads run as ordered, ensuring the stations run the right ads at the right time.

Our traditional buying services include:

  • Local and National Radio
  • Local and National Television
  • Syndicated Radio and Television
  • Local Newspaper Advertising

Digital Media Buying

Although we began as a traditional agency, we have developed our knowledge and expertise in digital media to be equal to that of traditional media. Through real-time bidding and programmatic buying, we ensure the correct parameters are set based on your target market, such as bid price and reach, so you achieve the maximum return on investment. We constantly monitor you campaign analytics and optimize as needed so your ads are achieving the best results. Our digital media buying services are used in the development of behavioral, contextual and retargeting campaigns for a number of different clients.

Why Strategic?

Whether you need local or national coverage, the media buyers at Strategic Marketing can help your brand reach its target audience. Our extensive knowledge of both traditional and digital media placement can provide you with unparalleled buying and negotiating expertise. If you would like to learn more about our media buying services, contact us today to get started on expanding your reach.