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Content Marketing

Content marketing has become an important aspect of virtually every business’s marketing strategy. Marketers today recognize that many consumers are tuning out or avoiding many forms of advertising. The best way to get them engaged with your brand is through the distribution of appealing content. This is illustrated in the way content marketing campaigns are referenced in TV commercials, which often ask audiences to engage with their brand through hashtags or other calls to action.

Content Marketing Defined

Content marketing is creating and sharing content that will be valued by consumers, consequentially generating prospective customers and driving interest. The form of content shared is dictated by your industry, but the purpose is always to inform people in a way that builds familiarity and trust in your brand.

Content Done Right

The struggle with content marketing is simply that great content is hard to come by. For brands to find success in their content marketing initiatives, they need to find a competent content marketer, but many business owners don’t know what good content looks like, or what it takes to manage a campaign.

A good content marketer needs to possess a variety of skills, from strategic project management to bubbly content creation, because a successful content marketing campaign integrates search advertising and content with social media.

Content and Social Media

A skilled content marketer knows how to use social media to deliver and amplify content. You can secure consumer engagement and make your content move, simply by understanding what kind of articles and rich media resonates with each niche market. You don’t just want likes—you want shares, which allow your content to reach as far as possible. The social media sales funnel starts with discovery, and then engagement turns into follow, which ultimately drives sales.

Additionally, content marketers need to know SEO and have a knack for UX conversion optimization since the content needs to be picked up by search engines and needs to elicit a proactive user experience to thrive.

As a full-service marketing agency, Strategic Marketing infuses content marketing campaigns with all of these necessary components for success. Before a campaign is served up, Strategic Marketing content marketers outline the goals, target audience and distribution platforms best suited to achieving success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business attain its marketing goals.