SEO Website Design and Development Services

Companies large and small know the importance of having a robust online presence. They spend significant amounts of money driving consumers to their sites but many businesses fail to see how staying current with website design and development updates can be the make-or-break difference to their digital marketing strategies. As a full-service marketing agency, Strategic Marketing is better equipped to oversee the design and development of your company’s website and to make sure it is fully compliant with the constantly changing search engine guidelines.

Sales: Integrate a Marketing and Communications Strategy

Assuming there are no functionality problems, the difference between a good website design and a successful one is all in a marketer’s touch. Many visitors will not trust a website that is poorly designed or looks outdated. An informed design process takes into consideration the kind of business the target market seeks and the purposes the company wants the website to fulfill, whether for entertainment, e-commerce or B2B. For instance, one would expect to see a stark contrast between the website design for a retirement community versus one for a video game company.

The Art: Layout, Typography and Graphics OPTIMIZED for UX

User experience is the most important consideration in website design and development. When someone visits your website, the content and design should make sense, so that the user understands how to interact with the website. Skilled web designers plan layout and typography, choosing graphic imagery based on a typical user’s interaction, not on aesthetics alone. The layout needs to be intuitive so the user can easily navigate the site and find the information they are looking for. The typography should be readable and clearly label and instruct to facilitate this process. Graphics are an equally important consideration because striking imagery can be persuasive and engaging when chosen wisely. At the same time, a poor image choice, usually made without a proper understanding of the target market, can turn off a visitor and cause them to leave the site in search of a competitor.

The Science: Coding

Once the website is designed, there are quality coding standards that need to be met. Too often, a show-stopping design is a mess on the backend. Improper coding can cause functionality issues resulting in being penalized by search engines. In such cases, custom website development services can be employed to ensure that the website not only looks good, but also functions properly.

As a full-service marketing agency, Strategic Marketing has experienced designers in its creative department working with our marketing specialists and web developers to craft effective, optimized, and search-engine compliant website designs that fulfill individual client needs. Contact us today to discuss the right website solution for your business.

Accessibility: Access Your Full Potential Reach

Not only is website accessibility a legal requirement, but it can also be quite profitable. Up to 26% of the U.S. population has a disability or impairment that makes accessing your business’s website either impossible or unnecessarily difficult. Why not make your website more accessible to all prospective customers?

As a leading website design and development agency, Strategic Marketing can bring your business’s website up to the standards of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). Avoid a Title III lawsuit, do a good deed, and potentially increase your bottom line, today.

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