Specialty Marketing: Campaign Success Stories

At Strategic Marketing, we believe producing creative work that gets results for clients is more important than winning awards. While we have received a great deal of recognition for our work throughout the years, our focus has always been on the success and satisfaction of our clients.

As part of our commitment to helping clients from a wide range of industries achieve their marketing goals, we offer specialty marketing services. Every industry – and every business – is unique, and we take the time to understand your business environment and its challenges. Whether you’re in real estate development and need to build a marketable portfolio of work, a software developer in need of trade show assets, or something completely different, we will work with you to craft the perfect message and media to speak to your prospective customers.

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Our team of experts has over 30 years of experience developing specialty marketing campaigns that build upon our clients’ strengths and exploits their opportunities to improve brand recognition, generate leads, and increase sales.

Specialty Marketing: Campaign Success Stories

strategic marketing meeting

At Strategic Marketing, we believe producing creative work that gets results for clients is more important than winning awards. While we have received a great deal of recognition for our work throughout the years, our focus has always been on the success and satisfaction of our clients.

As part of our commitment to helping clients from a wide range of industries achieve their marketing goals, we offer specialty marketing services. Every industry – and every business – is unique, and we take the time to understand your business environment and its challenges. Whether you’re in real estate development and need to build a marketable portfolio of work, a software developer in need of trade show assets, or something completely different, we will work with you to craft the perfect message and media to speak to your prospective customers.

Our team of experts has over 30 years of experience developing specialty marketing campaigns that build upon our clients’ strengths and exploits their opportunities to improve brand recognition, generate leads, and increase sales.

Capitol Carpet & Tile

When Strategic Marketing began working with Capitol Carpet & Tile in 1994, the owner was doubtful about the effectiveness of advertising agencies. By conducting research and developing a marketing plan, we identified television and print as the primary media to effectively reach his target audience. Our periodic direct mail campaigns to promote sales in certain stores have also proved successful, resulting in steady sales increases, with an impressive 17% increase in 2001 despite a 5% decrease in Palm Beach County’s flooring industry. We keep the message fresh by developing new and humorous themes to the commercials while maintaining the consistent copy points of the best selection, best service, and financing offer. The company’s president, Lou Morano, has become a local celebrity due to his appearance in the commercials. Our efforts have made Capitol Carpet & Tile the largest flooring retailer in Palm Beach County with four store locations.


Palm Beach Golf Center

Palm Beach County has more golf courses than any other county in the USA. So while the retail golf business is prosperous, there is a lot of competition from big box sporting goods stores and national chains, like Edwin Watts. When we took over the Palm Beach Golf Center account, we knew we needed to differentiate this locally owned, upscale golf equipment and apparel store from its competitors. We created TV spots and print ads that were distinctive and clever. The result was a dramatic increase in floor traffic and sales.


Miromar Outlets & Design Center

We took over Miromar’s in-house managed pay-per-click campaigns, and within a short time the campaigns were generating considerably more results. Over time, we have driven tens of thousands of website visits, hundreds of leads and raised awareness. Their monthly online ad budget as grown more than 1,000%, and they are using not only our proprietary pay-per-click platform, but also Facebook and other digital media across the web.

Martin Memorial Health Systems

Martin Memorial Health Systems had just made major enhancements to its web site and asked us to develop a campaign that would increase hits to its site by 15% over a six-month period. We used a combination of direct mail, television and newspaper to reach the target market. The results far surpassed their goal: hits to the site increased 25 to 30% in the first month alone, and increased steadily in subsequent months.


Weight & Wellness Center

Dr. Lisa DeRosimo came to us as she was starting her new medical practice, which specializes in bariatrics and nutrition. We came up with the name, designed her logo and corporate identity, business stationery and brochures, then created a web site and pitched a story to the Palm Beach Post which resulted in a profile article in the business section. Although her Palm Beach County practice was successful, she relocated to South Carolina to be near her husband, a thoracic surgeon. Dr. DeRosimo is an expert in bariatric medicine and has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and Dr. Oz to discuss weight loss.


Jupiter Medical Center

Jupiter Medical Center is one of the last non-profit community-based hospitals in the area. We were asked to develop a campaign to introduce its new obstetrical facility and simultaneously reinforce the hospital’s identity as a community-friendly hospital. We took the hospital’s existing logo, which was “institutional” green, and changed it to pink and blue. Then we came up with a name, Bright Beginnings, which we trademarked for the client, and created the print ad campaign, featuring photographs of babies and clever headlines, such as “Men are from Mars, Women are From Venus, and Babies are from Jupiter” and “My mom thinks I’m out of this world…that’s why I was born in Jupiter.” This campaign was so successful that it gained national attention. In addition, we created a complete marketing plan, which not only included media but also strategies for staff members to implement internally that would help to attract and “capture” expectant families. Finally, we designed an introductory brochure as well as a kit for expectant families.

Events & Adventures

Events & Adventures is a social and activities organization for singles. We began buying radio and TV airtime for the owner of the Miami/Fort Lauderdale franchise, who was struggling to stay afloat. We revamped his schedules and renegotiated with the stations, getting him more reach and frequency in more favorable time periods. Leads for new members began to increase dramatically, the club is now flourishing, and the owner has opened locations in several other cities. During this time, we also began doing work for two other Events & Adventures franchisees that own multiple locations. In addition to media buying, we handle all creative work, online lead generation strategies and lead tracking for thirteen locations and growing, from coast to coast.


Stanley Steemer of South Florida

We have applied our knowledge of and experience in lead generation to bring in business for this franchise owner. We began by reworking his television advertising schedules, and we were able to increase the efficiency of his budget by 60%. We renegotiated his print media, resulting in a savings of 12%. We also have implemented pay-per-click, search engine optimization, Google Maps placement, online business directory listings and other online strategies to bring in even more leads, all of which we carefully track and report to the client.


Huntington Learning Center

We have created direct mail campaigns, radio and television commercials for numerous South Florida franchisees. Based on this work, we were asked to conduct a national direct mail campaign. Some of the direct mail concepts we developed for franchisees were adopted by the corporate franchisor and utilized nationally. We also place radio and television schedules on behalf of the South Florida franchise owners.


NetEffect is a highly effective insect repellent developed in Europe and now being marketed in the United States by an investment group that owns the rights. We have worked on a number of projects to help them launch the brand in the U.S, including a logo redesign, package design, a full-day photo and video shoot, a new website, marketing plan and much more.



Juvent has developed a vibrating platform that has the effect of increasing musculoskeletal health, joint pain relief and improved balance. We were retained to create collateral materials, a new website and a marketing plan, among other projects.



ToyTronics, a toymaker specializing in collectible toys based on the world of the Wizard of Oz, approached us with a vision to bring the beloved characters to life on the shelves of toy stores everywhere. With no branding, packaging, or website, our team had to start from scratch. We began by creating strong package designs for the initial round of toys, including packaging for stuffed animals and toys contained within blister packs. As the designs came together, so did the client’s branding, which we rolled out across a brand-new website to attract wholesale and retail partners. The success of our efforts enabled the client to secure deals with major retailers Amazon and Walmart. We went on to develop additional packages for toys, produce promotional videos, and create social media content for TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube to grow the client’s online presence.

Fischer Olds Cadillac Mazda

This Treasure Coast car dealer wanted to differentiate itself from its competitors, many of whom were running obnoxious campaigns with the fast talking, shouting and loud sound effects that are a major turn-off for a lot of people. Our strategy was to focus on the core values of the dealership: fairness, honesty and respect for its customers. Out of this came a new theme, The Fischer Promise, which raised the image of the dealer far above that of its competitors and was very successful. Comedian Alan King, who was a seasonal resident of the area, agreed to lend us his voice on a couple of very memorable radio spots (in exchange for the use of a Cadillac).


Braman Honda

While Braman Honda’s mechanics can overhaul an engine with no problem, they didn’t have the right tools to overhaul their print advertising. So, they came to us for help. We looked under the hood and saw a lot of room for improvement. The result was a fresh, clean and uncluttered look that was much more readable and aesthetically pleasing.


This South Florida chain of New York-style delicatessens already had some 20 locations, and the marketing director had a whole laundry list of projects, including new menus, print ads, outdoor advertising and a new TV spot. Our creative team went into high gear and produced some great work. The TV spot we produced won a Telly Award in 2000.


Wrigley BBQ

After moving from Chicago, Wrigley BBQ wanted to become South Florida’s #1 BBQ spot. Building a community presence like they had in Chicago was Mitch Liebovich’s main priority. After listening to his needs, we strategized a strong paid digital plan. This plan consisted of a website facelift, Facebook, Instagram, and PPC advertising. We crafted Social Media ads that were consistent, branded, and promoted his monthly events with the end goal of increasing his foot traffic. Wrigley BBQ now sits at the top of Google search results, Google Maps, and is seeing more visitors in his dining room.


ArtiGras is the largest arts festival in Palm Beach County and is consistently ranked as one of the top 50 in the United States. With the goal of increasing awareness of the event, as well as attendance, the producers hired Strategic Marketing to develop and implement a complete advertising campaign from billboards and print ads to radio and television spots. In addition, we designed a full complement of collateral materials, including tickets, brochures, artist applications and event programs, and coordinated the event’s public relations campaign. ArtiGras’ attendance and public profile rose dramatically, and many of the materials Strategic Marketing produced for the event won local, state and international awards, including six International Festival and Events Association Pinnacle Awards, the most prestigious in the industry. With these positive results, ArtiGras’ producers chose to retain our services for the next year, and our team developed a completely new campaign to promote the event – locally to patrons, and nationally to potential attending artists. That year’s event was another record-breaking year for attendance.


Irish Fest on Flagler

We were involved early on with the Pompano Beach-based Irish Cultural Institute of Florida, which had been staging Irish festivals in Broward County and wanted to have one in Palm Beach County. In 1993, we helped them to secure the site on Flagler Drive in West Palm Beach where SunFest and many other festivals are held. They had no budget for advertising, but because they are a not-for-profit organization, we were able to negotiate public service announcements, cross-promotions, value added and trade agreements which enabled them to consistently garner well over $100,000 of media exposure each year. Irish Fest on Flagler is now a very established and popular event in West Palm Beach.


Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County

Working with the Marine Industries Association, we negotiated all the media, value added, advertising, marketing and public relations to promote the Palm Beach Boat Show when it was at Riviera Beach Marina. The event was a huge success, so much so that in subsequent years, they have held it in West Palm Beach on Flagler Drive to accommodate all the boats and people attending. As a result, it has grown to become one of the premier boat shows in the country. In addition, the MIA also presents the Holiday Boat Parade, and in its early years, we were responsible for the marketing and publicity for that event as well.

Bramid Limited

Bramid specializes in supply chain finance, which allows companies to acquire materials, manufacture products, sell inventory and collect payments without tying up working capital. They came to us in 2016 with a homemade logo and website that lacked the sophistication that their prospective clientele should expect from a company in this field. We rebranded the company, developed a completely new website, created sales collateral and produced a series of engaging videos to explain in understandable terms how supply chain financing works.


Gradient Payments

Gradient Payments approached us in need of an online presence, branding, and a website for their business. Our services included consultation, website design, and development. We held regular meetings with the client to ensure our services aligned with their vision and goals, incorporating visually appealing design elements while ensuring the site was user-friendly. During development, we used the latest web development tools and made sure the site was optimized for search engines and fully responsive across all devices. Our team’s personalized attention to detail and tailored approach to website design resulted in a successful project, resulting in an outstanding online presence for Gradient Payments.

Robert M. Montgomery, Jr. and Associates

In 1995, Robert M. Montgomery hired Strategic Marketing to manage advertising and marketing for his prominent law firm. We produced radio and TV commercials for organizations such as Palm Beach Opera and Ballet Florida, and won Addy awards for our work. We also handled public relations work, writing news releases, pitching stories and staging press conferences whenever the firm won a favorable judgment. We worked with Montgomery for 12 years until he passed away in 2008. His high expectations challenged us to produce our very best work, and we were forever grateful for the opportunities he provided in helping grow our agency.


David French & Associates

We created a Silver Addy Award-winning corporate identity package for this Boca Raton law firm, which included letterhead, envelope, business cards and pocket folio. We subsequently designed direct mail cards designed to encourage referrals from other law firms, and a number of other projects. The Hon. David French now presides as a circuit judge in the 15th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida.


Divorce Matters

The Divorce Matters Law Firm was successful in Denver, but struggling to expand its reach and generate leads. To grow their client base, they needed an experienced family law marketing agency. Strategic Marketing identified opportunities and crafted a multimedia strategy that included both traditional and digital media, as well as organic marketing through search and social. They also developed new branded creative assets and implemented proprietary software solutions for a uniquely integrated campaign. The resulting increased presence, both online and offline, generated a steady stream of qualified leads, resulting in a remarkable 74% revenue increase in just two years – from $2.88 million in 2019 to $5.01 million in 2021.


The Law Offices of Robert Schwartz

The Law Offices of Robert Schwartz, an estate planning law firm with locations throughout Florida, sought our assistance in generating leads and ensuring all locations were discoverable online. We discovered that their existing website was outdated and not optimized for search engines. Our team rebuilt their website to be SEO friendly and distributed their NAP information to directories across the internet through our proprietary listings solution, SmartList. To generate leads for all their locations, we launched a paid search campaign that delivered almost 1000 fresh leads each year at a cost-per-lead of only $30 on average. As a result, our initiative tripled their web traffic, yielding a remarkable 288% increase.


Galanter Law

Galanter Law, an established criminal defense law firm, sought our help in generating leads for traffic citations and infractions. The competitive marketplace made it difficult to capture low-cost traffic leads in the South Florida area. We identified paid search advertising as the most promising solution and utilized a variety of tactics including pay-per-click ads, Google Maps ads, and click-to-call ads. By optimizing the campaigns, we managed to significantly reduce their cost-per-lead from nearly $60 to under $10, an impressive 85% decrease. Our efforts led to the client’s satisfaction with the performance of their paid search advertising.

Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art

When Robert Montgomery purchased the Museum of Modern Art in Lake Worth and renovated the building to house the new Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, the facility needed to communicate its rebirth and new mission not only to local art enthusiasts, but also to artists, art patrons and critics nationwide. Starting with a clean creative slate, Strategic Marketing came up with the new name and developed a visual identity for PBICA, including logo, stationery, a range of collateral materials, advertising and catalogs for exhibitions. We also coordinated the museum’s grand opening and initiated a full-scale international media and public relations campaign, including advertisements in national and international art publications and arranging for a number of art journalists to tour the facility and view the inaugural exhibit. Our public relations efforts resulted in a big splash on local television and newspapers during the museum’s grand opening, as well as extensive coverage by art publications here and abroad, helping attract world-class art exhibits to the museum.


Palm Beach Opera

The Palm Beach Opera came to us with a dilemma that is challenging most opera companies: how to attract the next generation of opera patrons. Realizing that its audience is literally dying off, we knew we had to somehow dispel the notion that opera is boring and stuffy and for old people and make it capture the interest of baby boomers that grew up on rock & roll. Our answer was a series of print ads with salacious and tantalizing headlines, giving a contemporary edge to a traditional genre of entertainment. We also developed a publicity campaign, based on the children’s book, The Great Poochini, which was designed to appeal to children and young families.


Palm Beach Harvest

Strategic Marketing partnered with Palm Beach Harvest, a non-profit food bank committed to fighting hunger in the community. Our team worked in close collaboration with the client, gathering information on upcoming food drives and creating an events calendar to raise money and promote awareness for the cause. In addition, we developed a social media calendar, facilitating promotions on different platforms to encourage food bank donations, volunteering, and community support. Our team continues to provide website updates and maintenance, ensuring the website runs seamlessly, securely, and up-to-date. At Strategic Marketing, working with Palm Beach Harvest has been an enriching experience, and we feel honored to support a non-profit dedicated to promoting food security in the local area. By developing a user-friendly website, coordinating events, and maintaining an effective social media strategy, we helped Palm Beach Harvest promote its mission and connect with the community.


Our Lady of Florida

In August 2022, Strategic Marketing successfully rebuilt the Our Lady of Florida Monastery website and integrated e-commerce capabilities, providing an enhanced user experience, streamlined processes, and improved product accessibility. The new website features a WooCommerce platform with an intuitive design, responsive layout, and advanced search tool that incorporates filters, sorting options, and keyword suggestions. The integration with Stripe payment gateway ensures secure online transactions that protect customer data, while the enhanced SEO helps to increase online visibility and attract a wider audience. The success of the project was possible thanks to a structured roadmap that guided the team through initial planning, design and development, e-commerce integration, testing and optimization, and launch and post-launch support. Today, the monastery efficiently manages orders through the website and provides visitors with an enhanced user experience, helping them to continue pursuing their mission with greater success.


Miromar Development Corporation is a prominent real estate development company in Southwest Florida, with various residential and commercial properties in their portfolio. Our team took over their in-house pay-per-click campaigns and delivered significant results, generating tens of thousands of website visits, hundreds of leads, and increased brand awareness. Their monthly online ad budget has grown more than 1,000%, now including our proprietary pay-per-click platform, along with Facebook and other digital media platforms. We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Miromar Development Corporation and help them achieve even greater success in their industry.


Spire Building Solutions

Solutions faced a crisis when the company’s founding partners had a falling out, which led to a complete rebranding of the business. They needed a new website fast so we developed a new brand before building a new website that embodied their vision. We understood that the website needed to feature more content and have improved functionality for better search rankings and visitor conversion. In a few months, we successfully rebranded the company and launched a new WordPress website focused on SEO. Spire’s clientele has applauded the result, and the business now ranks higher in searches for relevant terms.


Bloomfield Construction

Bill Hasey, President of Bloomfield Construction Inc., is a man with 20/20 vision. For over 40 years and in over twenty-eight communities, Hasey has been building some of the most beautiful homes in South Florida. Bloomfield Construction came to Strategic Marketing with needs for an updated and luxury like website, a strategy to promote listings for high-end custom homes, and to better understand how to acquire more customers. Once a website was delivered that met his requirements, we crafted creatives for full page prints in local magazines, negotiated and managed all the media buying, and provided monthly reporting on all results.


Palm Beach Home Management

Strategic Marketing worked with Palm Beach Home Management to develop a targeted campaign to raise brand awareness in Palm Beach Island. Our team utilized Palm Beach Illustrated and Palm Beach Daily News, two print publications specific to the exclusive and high-end neighborhood. We conducted research and analysis to understand the audience and their habits and created custom copy and designs to resonate with the Palm Beach community. Our approach helped create brand recognition and image improvement for Palm Beach Home Management. Our win-win targeting strategy provided the publications with quality local advertisers while giving our clients a high ROI on their investment.

United Franchise Group

UFG is the parent company for a group of franchise brands. Strategic Marketing and SmartLink have preferred vendor status with UFG, and we attend their annual World Expo, where franchise owners of the various brands come from all over to meet and learn. One of UFGs primary objectives is to expand each of its brands, and we have assisted this effort by developing marketing initiates to generate franchise sales.


EmbroidMe/Fully Promoted

Specializing in custom embroidered clothing and advertising specialty items, EmbroidMe has some 250 locations in the United States, Canada and Australia. We have been very involved with the Ad Fund board on numerous ongoing projects, including national pay-per-click, Google Maps and online business directory listings campaigns. The corporate franchisor recently decided to rebrand the company as Fully Promoted, and we have helped franchisees implement the new identity. We also created a series of print ads, direct mail pieces and other materials for them.


Radiance Med Spa

We developed numerous marketing materials for the franchise owner as he opened a new location in Palm Beach Gardens, including print ads, direct mail campaigns, a television commercial, and a pay-per-click search engine advertising campaign. The work we did for him opened the door for us to do work for franchise owners in Boca Raton and Boynton Beach.