strategic marketing strategy

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Regardless of industry, every business needs to have a marketing plan in place in order to increase brand awareness and drive revenue. Aside from increasing revenue, the right marketing strategy will build a cohesive and successful brand image that will create loyalty among your customers for years to come. Our well-structured marketing plans will pave the way for successful and attainable outcomes for your business.

We work to uncover any possible market opportunities that can be used to give your business a competitive advantage. Through various forms of research, we will collect and evaluate data pertaining to:

  • Market dynamics and trends
  • Target markets
  • Customer buying decisions
  • Product sales
  • Industry benchmarks

Developing a marketing strategy should be based on prior research and your company’s unique goals. Strategies we consider range from local networking and direct marketing to print advertising and social media, and cover a vast range of tactics designed to reach your target audience. Regardless of the type of plan developed, we will create compelling content that attracts your prospective customer and encourages them to make purchase decisions or inquiries into your business.

Achieving brand awareness is a major factor in the success of your marketing plan. Whether it involves pricing or positioning, we will establish a marketing strategy that reaches for the highest level of brand awareness possible. All of this is done within your budget. Our philosophy is to spend our clients’ money as if it were our own, to ensure you are getting the most value.

We develop a marketing strategy around your brand’s goals while providing the tools to achieve measurable results. Through meticulous research and focus, we build strategies and plans that are creative and distinguish your business from the competition.

Contact us today to see how a marketing strategy with us can contribute to your company’s success.

We keep important local and industry media informed of your latest updates with targeted new releases. We create synergy in the public’s perception of your brand by making regular releases part of your overall marketing strategy.
We’ve honed our expertise in product launches through years of crafting campaigns to launch consumer goods, lifestyle services, and financial institutions, as well as in many other verticals.
Public relations is crucial to the perception of your brand or business. Our public relations campaigns penetrate markets, interest editors, shape public opinion, and deliver heightened awareness for our clients.
Marketing can’t be successful without identifying the audience and the best way to reach it. The core of our marketing approach is in-depth market research that provides the basis for every decision that follows.
It’s still possible to do well by doing good. Over the years, we’ve worked with many non-profits and corporations on cause marketing initiatives that raise both money and public awareness.

Crafting the right messages for public and private audiences is important for regular day-to-day communications. It’s absolutely crucial in moments of crisis for your business, but we can help.

Over the years, we’ve worked with businesses across a wide and diverse range of verticals. Tap into the expertise that comes from working with clients in the real estate, health, financial, and retail sectors, among many others.

Having a great product or service isn’t enough–you need to know your audience. We use detailed market research to determine the right audiences to receive your messages–and the best ways to reach them.
An ambitious business or product deserves an ambitious marketing plan, and that’s exactly what we create. We’ll develop a customized marketing plan with short and long-term goals designed to help you grow your business.
Strategic Marketing has a tremendous amount of experience working with both local and national franchises. Whether you’re a franchisor or franchisee, contact us to learn more about marketing your franchise.

We pride ourselves on being accountable for the marketing plans we execute. We provide detailed reporting to show exactly how your campaigns are performing and what we can do to improve them.

Campaign development is born from a well-structured marketing plan. We make sure all aspects of a campaign, including audience, message, media and creative, are considered prior to launch.