Commercial Voice Over Work That Sells Brands

Your company has spent hundreds of dollars to meet marketing objectives to sell your product or service. Now who is going to tell your story? Telling the right story with the right voice and the right background music can be just what you need to influence customers to consider your business or brand. Strategic Marketing has worked with many businesses using commercial voice over talent. Whether you’re in automotive, legal, or consumer goods, we’ve developed results and can help your business reach the same success.

What to Expect from Professional Voice over Talent

  • Professional voice over talent is trained to act as the person you need (e.g., business professional, college student or tradesman) and has knowledge of the field.
  • They have a professional studio.
  • The artist will confirm the desired tone and character.
  • They create audio files in the format you need.
  • The artist will do multiple “takes” of the voice over.
  • Perhaps, most importantly, a professional will meet tight deadlines.

Strategic Marketing’s Commercial Voice Over Talent Team

At Strategic Marketing we team with the right voice over talent to ensure all of the client’s objectives are met by their deadline. We manage the project from beginning to end.

Perhaps now is the right time to leverage professional voice over talent for your next campaign. Contact us today for information on how we can help grow your brand.