Elevate Your Brand with Direct Mail Marketing Services

Direct mail marketing allows your business to reach the perfect audience where you know they’ll be – at their mailbox. Direct mail offers one-on-one interaction between your business and current or prospective customers. Strategic Marketing has years of experience creating attractive designs and managing direct mail campaigns on a local and national level. Between our experienced creative team and marketing experts, we have the knowledge and expertise to target the appropriate audience with material that won’t be overlooked.

Direct mail marketing can be used for a number of different promotional purposes. From brand awareness and product launch to event awareness and cause marketing, there are a number of instances where this cost-effective marketing solution can be put to use. There are two primary types of direct mail services: traditional and “every door.” For a more precise and selectively targeted audience, the traditional method is the solution. Every door direct mail allows your business to reach a broader audience by targeting select zip codes.

We begin by determining a suitable and relevant audience for your campaign based on business or consumer lists, demographic and geographic targeting. Once your mailing list is defined, we develop graphics and messaging that are designed to appeal to prospective customers and encourage contact with your business. Some of our direct mail advertising solutions include:


Postcards and Flyers

Brochures and Self-Mailers

Business Cards

Custom Mail Pieces

Our goal is to create mailing materials that maximize the impact on your strategically targeted customer list. Once we evaluate your marketing goals, we will tailor our services to your needs. Contact us today to get started with direct mail marketing that delivers.