Cause Related Marketing

Cause related marketing is not only very important to consumers, but also helps to achieve business and sales objectives. People like to know that things are being done to make their communities and the world a better place; cause related marketing can make a powerful impact on your brand’s success and reputation. Strategic Marketing develops cause marketing campaigns that promote sales while supporting the cause of a non-profit organization that matters to your brand and your target consumers.

Our Cause Related Marketing Campaign Strategies

Establish the Right Affiliation

Strategic Marketing can help your business connect with your audience through purpose-driven content and strategies that engage and convert consumers. We ensure that your business supports a cause that is compatible with the message of your brand, as this proves to your target audience that your business sincerely cares for that specific cause and organization. Partnering with a non-profit organization that relates to your product or service will help your business establish a consistent marketing message that will be memorable among your prospective and existing customers.

Donate More Than Money

A successful cause marketing campaign does not necessarily require a large budget. While monetary donations are always appreciated, prospective customers and your associated organization also recognize the value of the time and effort your company puts into volunteering or participating in events. We develop your campaign based on your business’s contributing resources, both monetary and otherwise, to increase awareness while effectively reaching and engaging the public.

Why Strategic Marketing?

We offer cause marketing campaigns that display your brand’s social accountability while appealing to customers. Since we are a full-service advertising agency, we have the knowledge to integrate your company’s cause into other forms of existing marketing efforts that will further extend the reach of your message while increasing brand visibility. If you’re ready to get your brand noticed while making a difference, contact us today to set up a cause marketing campaign that won’t be overlooked.