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Why Having a Tagline is Important to Your Brand Identity

Taglines Set the Tone for Your Brand Identity

What is a Tagline?

A tagline gives a voice to your brand.  It’s the immediate message your customer learns about your business.  Having a tagline is an easy way to set the tone of your brand identity and every brand should have one. So, what is a tagline? It is the mission, value or culture of your company in one short phrase.  It is what sums up your business’s purpose and why you do what you do.

What is Brand Identity?

Your brand identity is how your customers envision you.  Having a strong brand identity is important for success and to make your business stand out amongst the competition. Strong brand identity:

  • Communicates your company culture and expresses your company mission
  • Allows customers to differentiate you from your competition
  • Portrays a positive image of your product and/or services that influences purchasing decisions
  • Builds trust and loyalty with your customers
  • Communicates the message of quality, service and sustainability of your product

Why Taglines Are Important to Brand Identity

A great tagline is both value-driven and memorable.  These two components drive customer loyalty. The customer needs to see the value of your product or service and then be able to define you quickly amongst the competition. In one simple phrase, you can leave a memorable mark of your brand identity.

Think of all the memorable taglines stuck in your head that immediately recall a brand. Classics such as “Just do it” or “It melts in your mouth not in your hands” and others synonymous with their brands. Something catchy but memorable makes a big statement about who your company is and what it sells, but you want to make sure that your tagline is on point.  You don’t want your tagline to just be any catchy statement that doesn’t translate the mission of your company goals. Don’t forget that a tagline can be a customer’s first impression of your business.

How to Write a Great Tagline to Enhance Brand Identity

Taglines can have a powerful connection to your brand identity if you allow them to be a story about your brand, as well as a mission about your company, that is to the point but still connected to your audience. To do this, it is best to keep your tagline short, consistent and with a focus on what makes you different than your competition.  A tagline is a permanent expression of your company’s greater purpose or mission and should help define your brand or inspire your audience to take an action.

In comparison, a slogan may seem similar but is only used as a temporary marketing effort.  A great example of a memorable slogan that accomplished this is “The Breakfast of Champions” from Wheaties. They had a great slogan and then added famous athletic champions to their packaging.  The Wheaties brand used its slogan and endorsements to stand out from competitors, while still speaking to the benefits of their cereal.    

Taglines should focus on why a consumer should buy from you. So, making it memorable and relatable to the brand is especially important. Here are some things to keep in mind when your writing a great tagline:

  • Keep the message simple and to the point.
  • Don’t be generic. Form a creative, memorable line that can identify with your business.
  • Be original. Make sure that no one else is using the same phrase.
  • Remember that a tagline applies to your whole business and not a single product or service.
  • Ensure your unique value to your customer or your company’s mission is in the statement.

Taglines can make a real difference to how your customer perceives your company.  They can leave a lasting impression for not just a moment but for years.  They tell your company story and let the customer know what value you bring or the problem you solve.  This is why it is important for all businesses to have a tagline and to have a professional agency who understands your business to assist you. If your business needs branding or tagline advice contact Strategic Marketing at 561-688 8155.