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Growing a home services business requires a well-crafted strategy to generate leads and drive conversions for long-term success. At Strategic Marketing, our home services marketing expertise will help you acquire quality leads and maximize your return on investment (ROI). Through this case study featuring our client Stanley Steemer, you’ll see how we achieved success for them and learn how we can help you attain similar results.


Our client Stanley Steemer came to us to improve their lead generation and guide their TV advertising strategy. When the pandemic started in 2020, they were concerned they might face the same fate as other businesses forced to close. They needed to continue getting leads but were wary of their TV advertising budget, believing it to be too high. This was definitely a challenge, but it also posed an opportunity and they decided to give us a call to see how we could help.


We presented a compelling case for taking advantage of TV advertising, especially as a cleaning service, as many companies reduced ad frequency and ad budgets out of fear. After showing how we would leverage our buying power to keep them on the air and increase their TV ad spend, they allowed us to take the reins. We negotiated more added value with our media partners and capitalized on the panic of other advertisers to open up more media markets and ad space for Stanley Steemer. The demand for their services was through the roof during this time, and increasing the clients’ presence in different markets yielded exponential results.


The success they saw from our strategy was remarkable. During the pandemic, Strategic Marketing steady-hand guided Stanley Steemer to double-digit growth for three consecutive years. Not only that, they have become one of the largest Stanley Steemer franchisees in the United States. We are proud to have been a contributing factor to their measurable success and continue to work with them to ensure continued growth.

Our calculated risk-taking and incredible media connections allowed us to help this franchisee grow to become one of the largest Stanley Steemer branches in the nation. Partnering with an experienced agency that has proven success in home services marketing experience is just the solution you need to see the results you’ve been wanting in less time. Give Strategic Marketing a call today to see how you can use media advertising – or any of our other services – to grow your business.