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Why Hiring a Website Builder is Necessary for Business

Reasons to Hire an Expert Website Builder

For many business owners, especially small business owners, it is common to be lured into free or low-cost website builder templates. While it may seem that is the most efficient way to get a website up and running, it isn’t necessarily the best. Your website is likely the first place that prospective customers will go to learn more about your brand and the products or services that you offer, so you want to make sure your website stands out, reflects your brand’s identity and is user friendly. Without the proper knowledge of design and development, your website might be doing more harm to your business than good. Whether you’re building a new website from scratch or updating an existing one, below are some reasons why you should hire a professional website builder.

Get a Custom Look

Think of your website as an extension of your physical storefront. Chances are, your business’s physical location doesn’t look strikingly similar to another, so why should your website? When you choose a do-it-yourself website builder, such as Wix or Squarespace, you choose from pre-existing templates and images. This means that your website is not 100% unique, nor is it customized to reflect your brand’s identity.

WordPress is a content management system that offers more customization than the previously mentioned website builders while still appealing to the DIY-ers. However, you should have knowledge of coding in order to edit the themes and plugins on the WordPress platform. This gives your website a more customized appearance and if you hire a professional to properly create and edit the website, you won’t have to worry about any design mishaps that can happen if you attempt this yourself.

Ongoing Maintenance

A website is not a “fix it and forget it” tool. Ongoing maintenance of your website is needed to ensure it is functioning properly and in compliance with any new search engine algorithms. Google, for example, updates their search engine algorithms hundreds of times throughout the year, making changes to how they determine page ranking in the search results. Some changes are simple; however, for major changes, you may not have the proper knowledge to successfully update your website. Not only that, but if you aren’t in the industry of web work, you probably won’t know when an update is released. Trusting your website to a professional developer and designer can go a long way for your business. A hired professional will also complete regular full audits and ensure your website is running on updated software, which is crucial in making sure your website is secure and gets the necessary bug fixes.

Consider Your Marketing Strategies

Your website is the backbone to many marketing and advertising tactics you may be doing or considering. For example, search engine optimization (SEO) relies heavily on the content of your website, in addition to its page URLs, alt tags and meta description. The user experience is also a crucial factor in digital marketing strategies because you want users to stay on your website as long as possible after finding you in the search results. Your site should be quick to load and easy to navigate, both of which are reliant upon the structure and design of your website. If your website has poor performance, you can hurt your ranking in the search results and increase bounce rates as a result of people navigating away from your website.

Let Strategic Marketing Be Your Website Builder

Strategic Marketing is a full-service agency offering a variety of advertising and marketing solutions, including website design and development, to clients of all sizes and sectors. With our expertise, you can have a unique and engaging website that is custom tailored to your brand’s identity and goals. Once you have a professionally-designed website, we can help it get found in the search results through digital marketing strategies that give your brand a robust online presence. To learn more, give us a call today at (561) 688-8155 or fill out the form on our contact page.