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2021 SEO Trends

2021 SEO Trends – How to Prepare for the Upcoming Year.

SEO is changing in 2021.  While some SEO strategies will remain, Google will be looking at SEO in a whole new way to rank pages. It is time to prepare for the upcoming 2021 SEO trends now before the update is released next year.

Get Ready for Google’s Update in 2021

Google plans on releasing a “Core Web Vitals” update in 2021 which will affect SEO and how pages will be ranked on Google. Google’s main focus is to constantly improve their user’s experience. They want their customers to go to a website and find what they need immediately with the best experience possible. With the “Core Web Vitals” update, Google will be ranking pages according to how those needs are met. 

The best ways to ensure your website meets these standards is to make sure your site’s pages are running at optimal speed. Three seconds is acceptable, but one second is preferable. Additionally, you want to ensure that your website does not have any broken pages. These are pages where a user would not get content, but instead a 404 error page. Also, it is essential for a website to be mobile friendly and have Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Because most users are using mobile devices, it is necessary that mobile is optimized to the best user experience possible.

Heatmap software, such as Crazy Egg, can monitor your customers’ use to determine if improvements need to be made to a website.  Heatmaps track how users are using your website. For example, if a customer keeps clicking on a static image thinking it should take them to a page and it doesn’t, then a web developer will know how to improve the user experience by adding a link to the image.

Yes, Content is Still King

The term “Content is King” will still remain in 2021. However, it has to be quality, value perceived content in order for it to rank on Google.  The days of just writing a short blog and stuffing it with keywords are long gone.  Now Google looks for content based on E.A.T. (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness).

Google is looking for knowledgeable content that is value-driven, answers their users’ queries and comes from a trustworthy source.  So, for example, someone who writes medical content may need to have the proper medical credentials to be an acceptable trustworthy source to Google. Content that defines a problem and gives a solution is considered value-driven content.

Long-form content is also valued by Google. Google wants to know what your page is about; thin content does not allow for this. Having longer content lets Google know you are interested in the reader and solving their query.

Voice Search is on the Rise

Voice search is continuing to gain users. It is important that your website is optimized for longer, more-natural keywords so that it will appear in voice search results. Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and other mobile users are not using short, broad words when they speak. If you have a local business, you may want to consider using common phrases and natural keywords to help users find you in local searches. Voice search statistics show that the trend is on the rise.

Linking Will Still Prove Valuable in 2021

Linking has always been valuable to SEO, but providing the best user experience is going to be among the most valuable in 2021 SEO trends. Linking to high domain authorities and internal linking will still be strong for SEO in 2021, but not the main focus for the year. It is still advisable to disavow spam links and reach out for earned “white hat” type links. Any shortcuts will eventually get noticed by Google and can cause a hefty Google penalty on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

Local Businesses Still Need Local Search 

Local search is still valuable to brick-and-mortar businesses, although it has taken a hit since the stay-at-home orders took place. It is still important and should be updated regularly to help businesses rank on Google locally. It is hard to predict local search for 2021 because of the current pandemic, but it should continue to be one of the 2021 SEO trends.

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