Blogs about high impact marketing campaigns and the marketing industry.

Today’s business landscape is continuously evolving, so it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve. High impact marketing is all about making a significant impression and delivering substantial results. Here we’ll explore innovative strategies, share expert insights, and provide practical tips to help you leverage high impact marketing to drive your business growth.

content marketing services

Content Marketing Services

The age of merely pitching your products and services is over. Prospects and customers are looking for real solutions to their problems and expert marketers

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construction marketing

Marketing for Construction Tips

Whether you are a small residential company or a large business-to-business (B2B) servicer in construction, you’ll find that marketing for construction presents certain unique challenges.

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Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility

We have just updated the Strategic Marketing website with new web accessibility tools. This enables visually-impaired viewers several ways to adapt how our website is

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juliana katz web developer

The Women of Strategic Marketing – Juliana Katz

In our series to celebrate Women’s History month, this week we will get to know a bit more about our Web Developer, Juliana Katz. Juliana is from Brazil and she brings many ideas to the table. With an interesting background, she fits like a glove in our ever-evolving team of professionals.

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emily o'dea vp of account services

The Women of Strategic Marketing – Emily O’Dea

In our series to celebrate Women’s History Month this week, we discover a little more about Emily O’Dea. Emily moved up the career ladder at Strategic Marketing from Account Manager to Director of Account Services and now Vice President. On March 8th, at 31 years old she was granted a seat on Strategic Marketing’s Board of Directors and promoted to Vice President of Account Services. Having worked with a variety of industry clients, Emily’s leadership contributes to the success of the team and getting the job done. 

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Mary Murphy - Vice President & Founder of Strategic Marketing

The Women of Strategic Marketing – Mary Murphy

To celebrate Women’s History month in 2019, we are dedicating a space in our blog to share some interesting stories from the female professionals at Strategic Marketing.  Discover why we are so fortunate to have such an amazing group of women as part of our advertising agency.

Vice President and Founder Mary Murphy grew up in Texas and worked her way up in the radio business before founding Strategic Marketing in 1992 with her husband Terry Murphy.

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