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Why You Need a Lead Generation Marketing Agency

Why You Need a Lead Generation Marketing Agency

Every business is in the business of lead generation. New leads are the lifeblood of every business, because without them, your business can’t grow.  And if your business isn’t growing, then you’re probably shrinking.  But are all leads created equal?  The simple answer is no.  Quality counts.  A qualified lead comes from a customer with a genuine interest in your business.  These higher quality leads will lead you to higher quality customers, and those customers are the best ones for your bottom line over the long term. But don’t take our word for it – take our case study on Statewide Windows & Doors.

The Statewide Situation

Statewide Windows & Doors offers impact windows and doors for both residential and commercial customers across South Florida.  Their expertise and product knowledge are well-known, having established their brand over a decade in the industry.  In 2020, Statewide ranked #6 for Google impression share, purchased a total of 6,755 leads, and earned a total of $6.2 million that year.  That’s not terrible, but it could have been much better.  Their main issue was their strategy, which was primarily based around purchasing leads from aggregators who sell their databases to other companies. Another issue with purchased leads is that there are a ton of overhead expenses between purchasing the lists, setting up call centers, and then maintaining them. Not to mention, the leads you garner aren’t necessarily interested in your business to begin with.  Statewide found themselves wasting time and resources chasing dead ends. They knew their alternative would be to obtain qualified leads for their business, but that doing so would require a little more work and a lot more experience.  Statewide knew they needed a lead generation marketing agency that would help increase the quality of their leads.  That’s when they met Strategic Marketing.

The Statewide Solution

The first thing we did was ensure that brand awareness was maintained.  Never take for granted the power of a consistent message shared in just the right way.  We created a branding strategy that emphasized the high-quality work and service Statewide provides.  Next, we implemented a digital and social marketing strategy including Google Search, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and email campaigns.  We also brought their brand and message to life through a polished TV commercial that was written and produced in-house.  Strategic Marketing worked to integrate tracking within the Statewide website to track visits and conversions.  This step is crucial, as reports on campaign results arm us with the information we need to improve the accuracy of our retargeting strategies, and allow us to measure and increase a client’s ROI.

Lastly, it was time to bring it all together for the right audience.  We focused on geotargeting with detailed bidding on certain areas, and constantly optimized keywords and search-term bidding to ensure the proper keywords were showing.  We also made sure to include the proper audience segments. Combining these tactics created an optimized multimedia campaign.  After we began seeing results from these strategies, Strategic Marketing slowly adjusted bidding, ad copy, and audiences to reduce cost-per-click and cost-per-lead.  For example, our YouTube campaign that exclusively served on Connected TVs started off slow, receiving only a few thousand views for the first month and very few leads.  But after adjusting bidding, location targeting, and adding in audiences, we started to see not only clicks to the website, but leads. Soon after, leads began converting to sales.

The Bottom Line

Upon changing their marketing strategy, Statewide saw a major increase in both leads and revenue.  In 2021, Statewide acquired 10,709 new leads and hit $10.9 million in sales. In just one year, Statewide increased their lead generation by 58.5%, and saw an increase of almost 76% in revenue! We know this because the results are easily tracked and measured in our systems so that we can double-down on this success later. In addition, Statewide moved up five places to take the number-one spot in impression share on Google Search, appearing in the top spot on 60.5% of searches.

And there you have it.  We’ve shared the secret to Statewide’s latest success, and in 2022, they’ve only continued to progress to date.  But while these results are replicable, the route to achieving them may not be.  Every client at Strategic Marketing gets a specialized solution for their unique marketing problem.  No strategies are one-size-fits-all.  In Statewide’s case, they recognized their need for a lead generation marketing agency, and after deep analysis and planning, we provided the appropriate strategy to meet their business goals. What will your one-of-a-kind strategy be?  Contact us to find out.