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The Versatility of Video Productions in Marketing

The Versatility of Video Productions in Marketing

Video marketing is a powerful tool that has only become more important with time, shorter attention spans, and the multitude of platforms it now applies to. While video production is typically associated with high costs and a campaign strategy of its own, this is not the way to view it in 2022. Nowadays, integration is the name of the game, and if possible, video should be woven into your overall campaign strategy to get the best results. With the right budget, but more importantly – the right strategy – video can be the most versatile marketing tool today. Let’s take a look at how video productions can help to enhance all of your content, across every platform, and save you some money in the process.

Why Video is So Important

Video content is one of the most effective ways to reach large audiences, and marketers are not slowing in their usage of it anytime soon. In 2020, digital video spending amounted to $49.8 billion, making up 30% of total display spend worldwide. Across all online platforms, over 244 million people viewed digital and mobile videos that year – coinciding with the early stages of the pandemic. Imagine, with the world confined to their homes and various screens, how much it could have grown since then. And that’s only online. We haven’t even considered TV and other non-digital platforms. YouTube is still the king of digital video, but TikTok and Instagram are thriving. Combined with tools like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and the coming metaverse, video billboards, in-store videos (website, ecommerce, and brick and mortar), and more, the results are a fully integrated marketing campaign that provides high awareness, engagement, and education, and hopefully drives conversions. And it doesn’t stop there. Link your direct mail, email, and print with video productions for the best results. It’s as easy as a QR code and a landing page – for example.

The Versatility of Video Productions in Marketing
The Versatility of Video Productions in Marketing

The Difference Some Video Productions Can Make

In every way you can grow your business through marketing, video marketing can make a difference. Lead generation, brand awareness, social media and digital engagement, product/service understanding, and even sales can all be increased with the right video strategy. A study by Wyzowl, featured in an article on Hubspot, highlights statistics that will astound you. Not only is video marketing growing with each year, but it’s growing the businesses who utilize video along with it. This 2022 survey asked the critical question of how exactly marketers measure their success. The chart on the left is their answer. Even if bottom-line sales and ROI are your only priorities right now, video marketing can help.

How Video Productions Can Save Money on Content Creation

Video can be beneficial to your campaign and help increase your ROI by maximizing its uses. It’s not rocket science that the more usage you get out of your ad-dollars spent, the more value you net. From search engine optimization and content marketing, to social media and print marketing, there is no strategy that does not benefit from the inclusion of video. In the production process, planning ahead can save you quite a bit. Organize shots for your next print or digital campaign and coordinate this with your film company or a third-party photographer to take stills on set. Setup, equipment, location, and talent fees are the things that take up the biggest chunk of your production budget, so maximize your ROI by getting it all done at one time, in one place. Kill two (or more) objectives with one video production.

Did You Know That Video Productions Boost SEO?

Among the most important marketing strategies for many businesses to employ is search engine optimization (SEO). When done correctly, SEO can be a cost-effective way to boost your business’s online visibility and get clients to find you when they’re searching the web. And let’s face it – all customers are searching the web. Video has always played a big part in SEO, but it will be even more essential in 2023. Studies have shown that Google emphasizes the importance of video content by increasing the number of videos that appear in search engine result pages (SERPs). This applies to both mobile and desktop devices, too. They’re the authority, and they’ve shown it’s important to them – so make sure you’re taking advantage of this tip and using video to improve your overall SEO.

Grow Social Media & Digital Engagement

Businesses need a strong social media presence to connect effectively with target audiences, and video production is a great way to increase engagement. Studies have shown that consumers engage more with video content than any other kind on social platforms, and that it generates more followers. Users are drawn to video and expect to see increasingly entertaining and personalized content, as opposed to more traditional marketing channels that speak to wider audiences. Because of the popularity of video productions, social media platforms have changed the way users view video by making it a dominant feature within the landscape of many platforms.

Strategic Marketing Can Help Optimize Your Video Productions

Whether it’s SEO, social media marketing, direct, or content marketing, video production can help you win and maintain the attention of your target audience, while increasing overall brand awareness and recognition. Video productions, and the snippets that can used for other purposes, should be incorporated into other marketing strategies for a positive impact on campaign performance and ROI. Producing quality videos for marketing purposes can help you reach more consumers and increase web traffic and conversions.

Strategic Marketing knows the importance of video marketing and production, and as a full-service advertising and marketing agency, we have the capabilities to make it work in synergy with existing marketing strategies. To learn more about how your business can benefit from video marketing and production, contact us today by calling (561) 688-8155.