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When is it Time for a Social Media Marketing Agency?

The simple answer is when your social media management begins to take too much time from managing your business or it is not experiencing growth.

Social media is an important communication tool that allows a business to get in front of customers. An active social media program allows you to introduce new products and services, build relationships with potential customers and promote trust, potentially leading to sales.

Besides being time-consuming, social media management can be a complex process. Not every business has a dedicated team with the necessary skills to grow a business’s social media “following”. 

That’s where a social media marketing agency comes in.

It is important that your business consistently posts on social media.  It allows your customers to know what you are promoting and what you care about.  When you post about things other than sales it gains trust with your customers.  Business posts let your customers know what your company cares about and that you are “human.”

Being “human” in social media is important.  “Human” posts gain a sense of trust with the customer which is essential for future sales.  I mean if you think about it, how many sales people really get a sale by telling a customer all about a product without establishing a rapport with the customer first.  It works the same way with social media.

To increase sales you have to build the rapport through regular communication in organic social media. So, while you may think “human” posts are not gaining sales, think of them as the communication that takes place before the sale.

However, this all takes time and thought.  A social media marketing agency has dedicated people to commit to this process and are trained to respond to notifications from interested customers.

Many businesses do not have the time or the staff to commit to their social media presence.

By understanding the importance of organic social media, you may want to look into paid social media. This is where you pay for ads to show on social media.  Ads are designed and budgeted to fit your business’s needs and can be particularly helpful If you have a new product launch, a new service or want to revive an older product. A social media marketing agency can easily manage this for you.

However, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you post ads for your business on social media.   “Who is my audience?”  “Where do they hang out?” “What do they like?” “How often should I post?” “Where do I post?” There is a lot to research and that is difficult when you are trying to manage your business. By answering the above questions realistically, you will be able to invest in the proper ads that reach your intended audience.

The good news is that you can hire a social media marketing agency to help you answer those questions and develop a strategy before posting so you reach the right audience and grow your social media “following.”

Maybe you are thinking “Why should I do any of this?” Very simply, for brand awareness. Several social media case studies have shown that social media has a big influence on brand awareness not just through organic and paid social but also through influencer marketing.  Managing social media goes beyond just simply crafting a post.  Social media is as big today for spreading brand awareness as TV was years ago. Don’t get me wrong, TV still brings awareness, but it is good to embrace new technology and tools to promote your business in today’s world.

Influencer marketing has a huge impact on brand awareness.  It allows your content to reach large audiences similar to your market with people who already trust the person reposting your content.  Although a money maker, it is time-consuming to manage on your own.  A social media marketing agency can help establish the right person to represent your brand, manage the content and monitor your budget.

The world of social media is a wide-open door.  There are new avenues to help promote your brand every day.  Keeping up with the trends can be exhausting for businesses but it is a social media marketing agency’s job to remain up-to-date on trends.

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