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Realtor Marketing Strategies that Get Clients

Realtor Marketing and Branding

Branding is key in realtor marketing.  To effectively brand yourself, consider how you are different than other realtors.  Perhaps you specialize in a certain niche of real estate, such as only with certain types of individuals or investors.  Creating unique messaging for marketing materials allows you to differentiate yourself from others. Using these materials at open houses or networking events with branded promotional items can help promote your brand and get potential clients and colleagues to notice you.


The Power of Website and Testimonials

Most people associate a website with a business, but not all realtors do.  Having a website allows you to really show off your real estate listings, take more control over your content, images, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which helps clients to find you on organic search. You can also capture emails to send out new listings to clients or just to keep in touch in case they know someone who is interested in purchasing a home. One crucial aspect of any realtor website is testimonials from happy clients.  So many people research reviews and testimonials before they choose an agent, so having testimonials on your website lets clients know you are good at what you do and that the people you have worked with left feeling happy with your services.

Some additional ideas to add to your website are Google Maps for your listings, a mortgage calculator, and a blog that keeps your clients coming back to you when they want to learn something new in the real estate market or want to refer a friend.


Dazzle With Videos and Professional Photography

No one wants to see pictures of a dark home at an awkward angle.  Hire a professional photographer to produce high-quality images of a home that you want to list.  There are several photographers that also work with drones that can provide you with a high-profile view of a property.  Also take into consideration your clientele’s time and how they may have to rearrange their schedule to see your properties.  A virtual tour allows people outside the area or short on time to see the house in a 3D environment at their convenience.

Lastly, consider a video on your website that talks about your brand as a realtor.  Maybe discuss the niche of real estate in which you specialize, how easy it is to do business with you, and possibly some testimonials from previous clients satisfied with your work.


Get Social – Paid Instagram or Facebook Ads

If you do a great job then likely “word of mouth” will get around about your business. But sometimes businesses just need a little more brand awareness.  One way to help improve your realtor marketing is by creating a social media ad.  It can build your brand awareness or target a specific audience of people looking to purchase a home.  For example, if your niche is specialized in 55+ communities, a Facebook ad can target an audience in that age group that has real estate in mind.  You can also do retargeting ads that remind them of your ad again if they viewed but moved on the first time.

Instagram ads are also great for realtors because you can display beautiful pictures or stories about a property or a completed sale. Similar to Facebook, Instagram can target an audience. You can make images with eye-catching creative messaging and add hashtags for increased visibility.


Stay in Touch and Create Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are a great way to get new and repeat business. Getting someone’s email requires you to give them something they want.  Creating a newsletter from some of your blog content or including new accomplishments in your field are great options for newsletters.  Additionally, you could do an e-book that talks about real estate in the current economy and how to overcome obstacles to find your perfect home. Just request email addresses to which you can send the publications, then use those addresses for future emails about new happenings and property listings.

Realtor marketing may at times seem overwhelming, but implementing one or two marketing strategies at a time and mastering them is the best approach to get your business to grow.  Networking with other colleagues is also valuable so you can see what is working for them. Also, keeping up with the trends in the market is vital to adjusting your marketing techniques and updating content to your clients.  Strategic Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that can help build a realtor marketing strategy that works for you.  Please contact us for more information at 561-688-8155.