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Mary Montgomery

Mary Montgomery Tribute

Today, Strategic Marketing pays tribute to a remarkable woman who passed away last week – Mary Montgomery. We knew Mary due to the many years of advertising and public relations work done for her husband Bob’s prestigious law firm. We also helped with some of the causes that Bob and Mary were heavily involved with, including the Children’s Place at Home Safe, Armory Art Center, Palm Beach Institute for Contemporary Art, and the Palm Beach Opera – to name a few.

To say that Mary and Bob were a power couple in our community is a gross understatement. They were visionary leaders who were extraordinarily generous with their time and money. They were the financial support and driving force behind many organizations that still serve our community today. In short – they made things happen.

“Bob’s passing in 2008 was a sucker punch to the gut. I loved working with him and admired him immensely. I definitely can tell a number of stories if you have the time,” says Terence Murphy, Founder & President of Strategic Marketing. “Mary was the wind under his wings, and their combined passion elevated arts and cultural and humanitarian causes in Palm Beach County to new heights.”  

We can only imagine that Bob has been impatiently awaiting a reunion with the love of his life – and how ecstatic they must be to spend eternity together. Rest in peace, Mary Montgomery. You and Bob are greatly missed and fondly remembered.