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Direct Mail Retargeting Tips

Direct Mail Retargeting Tips

You may be familiar with retargeting in digital marketing campaigns, but did you know you can retarget your prospects with direct mail pieces? Reaching out to your potential leads with a physical mailer may be five times more effective than doing so online. In fact, direct mail retargeting has a nearly 37% higher response rate than email or other forms of retargeting.

Direct mail retargeting is more unique to the receiver than online retargeting, and it shows more effort on behalf of the business.

When Should You Retarget?

Businesses should retarget prospects with a direct mail piece when a certain interaction occurs online. Maybe a user viewed your website, downloaded your document, abandoned their cart, or clicked on your ad without submitting a lead form. If one or more of these actions apply to your business, it may be the right trigger to warrant direct mail retargeting.

New Dog, Old Tricks

You may be thinking that a younger demographic wouldn’t respond to snail-mail in a digital age, but individuals between 18 and 21 actually have a response rate of about 12.4% with direct mail. Retargeting with physical mail pieces may be unexpected and, as a result, may be more likely to catch the attention of the receiver. Don’t shy away from retargeting younger individuals with your direct mail pieces – they are likely not getting as many marketing messages by mail as older audiences, potentially giving you a greater share of voice.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Consider using a cross-channel marketing strategy with a retargeting tactic. Businesses can increase their return on investment and capture more leads by advertising on multiple channels. Reaching prospective customers across media shows that you put in effort and value their business. Using direct mail in tandem with your digital campaigns may increase your conversion rate by 28% or more. For example, you can send direct mail pieces to users who interacted with your business on social media, but did not follow through as a lead. When they receive a physical mail piece after seeing your ad online, people will appreciate the determination and diligence it took to follow up.

Add a Personal Flair

While a generalized direct mail retargeting campaign has proven successful for many businesses, adding a personal touch can further increase the response rate. Take the extra step and add their first and last name from your contact database, ensuring individuals that they’re not just a number. Personalizing mailers can increase response rates by up to 500%.

How Does It Work?

Without going too deep into the technical process of direct mail retargeting, your online marketing campaigns likely contain data that sync with IP addresses, emails, or first-party data that are then tied to physical addresses.  And don’t worry, when you work with an experienced and trusted partner, it will be compliant with privacy policies.

How Do You Start?

For more information on direct mail retargeting and mailing services, contact an account manager at Strategic Marketing by calling (561) 688-8155, or contact us through our website.  We are excited to help you broaden your reach while targeting your audience with precision.  Contact Strategic Marketing today!