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Why Hire a Full-Service Marketing Agency?

With so many self-serve marketing solutions available to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) today, it is easy to see why a business owner might want to keep all marketing efforts in-house.  After all, no one else knows a business like the owner.  So does the advent of marketing solutions like paid search, programmatic media buying, […]

Subaru – The Art of Emotional Appeal

It’s hard to miss the extremely successful TV ad campaign Subaru has been running. With a series of ads that have widespread appeal, Subaru has succeeded where so many companies miss the mark. Subaru has mastered the art of making an emotional connection with their target audience. And the theme is simple, really. It’s all […]

Want More Brand Ambassadors? Here’s How:

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him perfectly and sells itself.       -Peter Drucker When you achieve the dynamic of providing a prospective customer with exactly what they need, you have the opportunity to build a customer for life. And a loyal customer is […]

Back to School

Even if you don’t have kids, you probably couldn’t help but notice that it’s back-to-school time. Students may have a sliver of time left before they have to get back to hitting the books, but by this point in the summer, TV commercials have already been hard at work advertising back-to-school sales. It’s challenging to […]

Customers Beget Customers

Many business owners will tell you that the most effective advertisement in the world is a chatty customer who is pleased with a product. Harley-Davidson is making good use of this resource by combining the best of two worlds; they’re taking old fashioned word of mouth and mixing it with modern social media to create […]

Bye-Bye Baby?

It might be time to say “bye-bye, baby.” E-Trade, the company whose TV commercials feature talking, stock-trading babies, has had seven different chief executives in the last six years (including interims). There is speculation about whether the most recent changing of the guard, along with a new marketing strategy, will mean an end to the […]

So Are You the Pasta Cooker or the Soap?

Choosing the best advertising campaign strategy for your business can depend on many variables, but a few factors that will always come into play are your product, your image and your budget. In our last two blog posts, Dove soap and a pasta cooker were used to highlight different approaches to effective messaging. Dove is […]

A Tale of Two Bunnies

Everybody knows who the Energizer Bunny is – he’s the only sunglass-wearing, drum-beating bunny on TV – but not everyone knows the story behind the bunny. The Energizer Bunny is the most popular bunny in commercials, but he wasn’t the first to be cast in the role of “battery bunny.” Duracell had a bunny, too. […]