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“If it bends, it’s funny. If it breaks, it’s not.” – Woody Allen

In any creative endeavor, there is always potential for a concept to go over the edge. “Funny” can turn into mean the same way “avant garde” can become just plain weird. The line between funny and not is one that artists have been tip-toeing on for years. Kmart’s creative team seems to have found the […]

Forgettable Favorites

If your commercial is being vaguely referenced around the water cooler, your brand might be in trouble. If everybody loves your commercial but doesn’t know it’s yours, you’ll need to do some fine tuning. You’ve worked hard to build your brand and you want to make sure it is getting the recognition it deserves, so don’t waste a really great concept on a vague message that people would love to pass onto friends – if only they could.

Walking Advertisements

Walking Advertisements Advertising comes at us in a variety of forms. We can see and hear ads over a wide range of formats: print, radio, TV, mobile and stationary billboards, internet, embedded messages, mobile, in-store, celebrity branding, aerial, etc. Lately, one of the oldest forms of advertising has been making a comeback while adapting new […]