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Improve Summer Sales with Outdoor Advertising

Although digital advertising has gone mainstream, traditional outdoor advertising can still have a strong influence on your target audience. With all of the summer activities that South Florida has to offer, more consumers will be embracing the outdoors, becoming receptive to your outdoor advertisements. This is the time to put your business front and center in the minds of consumers and attract attention to your brand. With careful thought and precision, outdoor advertisements can have a positive impact on your bottom line. Here are some outdoor advertising tips that you can use to improve your sales this summer.

Choose the Right Location

No matter how genius, engaging or eye-catching your outdoor advertisements are, if they’re not in the right location then all of your hard work could be proven ineffective. Allocating enough time to researching the most relevant places to hit your audience will prove to be beneficial. Focus on your target audience and the locations they frequently traffic. This will maximize exposure and effectively communicate your message to the right people, at the right time.

Catch Their Eye

This might go without saying, but in a world where so many distractions are competing for the attention of your target audience, there is no room for advertising that doesn’t catch the eye. Consumers are not actively seeking the influence of billboards and bus ads that they pass on a daily basis, so unless your outdoor advertising stands out, you’ll be lucky for a first glance let alone a second one. Use striking imagery and vivid colors to attract the interest of your target audience.

Be Creative – Make Them Think

If you want your outdoor advertising to make a strong impact, you’ll have to get creative. In order for consumers to absorb your message rather than discard it, the wording should be clever and thought provoking. There are outdoor ads almost everywhere we go, so make sure that people who come into contact with your ad will remember it. As an example, Chick-Fil-A has produced a memorable outdoor advertising campaign due to clever ad design and wording. Most of us are familiar with the 3D cows on their billboards encouraging people to “eat mor chickin.” These crafty ads inspire brand recall and attract the attention of consumers.

Less is More

Everyone on a commute has somewhere to be, so outdoor advertisements are viewed for merely a second or two, if you’re lucky. Oversaturating your ads with messages and calls to action will prevent engagement with consumers. Keep it simple by letting a few words speak for themselves and capture the attention of your chosen audience. Rely on striking visuals to gain interest and turn heads in the direction of your brand. Outdoor advertising is not there to inform, but merely to intrigue. When creating your outdoor ads, consider them as conversation starters that will get consumers talking about your business and the unique messages that you convey.

Get Help from Outdoor Advertising Experts – Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing is a full-service marketing firm in Florida, offering over 25 years of experience. We provide traditional and digital advertising solutions to businesses nationwide. Our in-house creative and marketing specialists have the expertise to strategize and create successful outdoor advertising campaigns that will grow your business. If you’d like to learn more about outdoor advertising or any of our other digital and traditional services, contact us today by calling (561) 688-8155 or visit our contact page.