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So Are You the Pasta Cooker or the Soap?

Choosing the best advertising campaign strategy for your business can depend on many variables, but a few factors that will always come into play are your product, your image and your budget. In our last two blog posts, Dove soap and a pasta cooker were used to highlight different approaches to effective messaging. Dove is […]

Political Advertising Part 4

So how do we fix this problem? Here’s a start:  Establish limits on campaign spending, Eliminate political action committees, Make it unlawful for a candidate to mention his or her opponent, Do away with the political rate card, and make every candidate pay the same as any other advertiser. This is easier said than done, […]

Political Advertising Part 3

Not many people outside of the fields of politics and broadcast advertising know this dirty little secret, but it’s a federal law that political candidates are entitled to buy airtime at the lowest unit rate. Every station has a political rate card that itemizes the lowest rate for each time period, and that’s what the […]

Political Advertising Part 2

While we have always had to endure negative campaign advertising to some extent, this year’s content seems particularly offensive, and once again fails to focus on issues that are important to the American people. Candidates are resorting to attack ads that cast blame, shame and innuendo on their opponents like never before. Perhaps the reason […]

Political Advertising Part 1

Anyone who follows politics can tell you that Florida is going to once again play a major role, if not the deciding role, in the outcome of the upcoming November elections. Certainly the party leadership and campaign managers are well aware of this, and they are buying up every available minute of broadcast airtime they […]

Celebrity Endorsements

The celebrity endorsement has been a tool in the advertiser’s toolbox since the first radio and television stars were born in the ’30s and ’40s, and endorsements have only become more prevalent over the years.  Though the FTC has strict rules that require the endorsing celebrity to have actually used the product in order to […]

Media Planning

Every major advertising campaign you’ve ever experienced as a consumer or executed as a marketer has required media planning.  Obviously, an advertiser’s budget isn’t limitless, and with the multitude of media options that are available, there needs to be a great deal of analysis prior to the deployment of that budget.  Media planning is the […]

Radio Advertising 101 Part II

Radio ratings are determined through the very inexact science that is ruled by the god of ratings – Arbitron. Arbitron wields immense powers in radio land, can make or break stations, careers and drive up or down spot prices by the power of their ratings. Since 1949, this research company has held a monopoly over […]