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How Reputation Management is Different from Review Generation

Reputation Management vs. Review Generation

You’ve heard about online reviews and the importance of review generation and reputation management, and while these two strategies are related, they affect your brand and your marketing efforts in different ways. Your brand’s reputation is everything, but it’s difficult to manage your reputation if you don’t generate online reviews. Below is an explanation of the difference between review generation and reputation management, and how each strategy plays a role in the success of your business.

Review Generation: Getting your Brand Noticed and Building Credibility

Review generation refers to the method of collecting online customer reviews for the purpose of boosting your brand’s online presence while increasing your authority and credibility among consumers. Search engine rankings are also influenced by the number of online reviews that a business has, making review generation an integral part of your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. As a business owner, you should constantly be generating new reviews to stay competitive in search engine rankings and relevant in the eye of the consumer. Not only do search engines take into account the quantity and frequency of online reviews, but stale or outdated reviews may also be irrelevant to consumers and is almost as bad as not having any reviews at all. Review generation gets your brand noticed and opens the door to having a rewarding online reputation.

Reputation Management: Shaping Your Brand

Once you have a solid ongoing review generation strategy intact, you can focus on the process of managing your brand’s online reputation. Reputation management is essentially the process of utilizing the online reviews you’ve received to shape customer opinions and the public’s perception of your brand. The end goal of reputation management is ultimately to increase sales, which is done by convincing prospective customers that your business has a genuine interest in the customer experience. Responding to online reviews, especially negative ones, timely and with a personal approach can help your brand maintain a positive reputation even if the customer had a negative experience. Maintaining your brand’s online reputation is what can convince prospective customers to do business with you and can also increase the number of repeat customers that your business has, making this a crucial strategy for growing your brand.

Build a Solid Reputation with Strategic Marketing

Review generation is an integral part of managing your brand’s online reputation, but handling both on your own can be time consuming. Fortunately, you don’t have to do all of the heavy lifting yourself. Strategic Marketing has developed a reputation management platform, SmartRep, which makes it easy for businesses to generate reviews and manage their online reputations. SmartRep is an automated platform that provides continuous monitoring of reviews through an easy-to-use dashboard. Our platform offers branded email marketing options to reach out to customers who have had negative experiences and automatically directs positive feedback to a number of different review sites, saving you time and effort. To learn more about SmartRep and how it can help your brand, visit our website or call (561) 688-8155 to speak with a marketing specialist today.