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Marketing During COVID-19 – A New Outlook on Marketing

If you have not already developed a new marketing plan due to COVID-19 then now is the time. All points of marketing have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and being sensitive to your customers and their budget is essential. There are several marketing tips to help maximize a budget and connect with customers. Here are a few that may assist with your marketing strategy.

Marketing During COVID-19 – Share What Your Company is Doing to Handle the Pandemic

Your customers need to know that you are available and are still providing the services or products they need to maintain their business.  While businesses may not be functioning as usual, many are working remotely and are focusing more on their online communications.  Let your customers know how to reach you and advise them of the services or products that may have changed due to the complications of the pandemic.

Stay Connected with Your Customers Online

Support your customers by reaching out with resources that can help their marketing and sales. Staying connected online is of the upmost importance for businesses that have been closed during the pandemic. Check in with your customers frequently to answer any questions and help them navigate through the daily changes and challenges.

Incorporate Empathy in Your Marketing Communications

The key to communicating while you are marketing during COVID-19 is to make sure you are empathetic to your customer’s business situation and budget.  Many business owners have to make tough choices and budgets are tighter than usual.  While you are marketing during COVID-19 do your research and be as cost effective as possible to ensure that your customer’s budget is maximized.  Put a plan in place that meets your customer’s expectations with ROI producing results.  Additionally, ensure that all marketing messaging is empathetic to the current world circumstances. Understand your audience and research the problems that need to be resolved. Be the solution.

Refresh Online Content and Revisit Campaign Strategies

A new way of marketing has developed since COVID-19 arrived. Due to these circumstances, it is important to make sure your keywords and content are up to date with a current message, especially on the homepage or blog. Ensure your content provides a value to your customer; examples of this are resources for their business, ways to help them operate more efficiently, cost-saving products and services or tips to help grow or retain their customer base.

It is also a time to revisit a Pay Per Click (PPC) strategy.   Generally the focus has changed during this time and budgets may be better spent on brand identity and value versus sales. Many business owners are tempted to stop or pause their campaigns, however, not getting in front of your customers may make them forget your brand. Out of sight is out of mind.  Instead of pausing a campaign, consider a reduced budget with focus on brand identity and value to your customer.

Update Marketing Plans with Long-Term Goals in Mind

No one knew the world would shut down, and something like COVID 19 was not likely prepared for in a marketing plan.  So, if your business has not developed a short or long-term COVID-19 marketing plan, then now is the time.  No one knows how long COVID-19 is going to be around, so it is good idea to plan and organize what your business is going to do financially to survive it.  Some of your original long-term marketing plans may remain, with some changes, and this, may be the main focus of your marketing during COVID-19. However, your plan on reaching those goals in the short term will likely change and should be revisited in your marketing plan.

Let Marketing Communication Tools Guide Sales Teams

There are many marketing tools such as marketing automation and customer relationship management systems that are beneficial while you are marketing through COVID-19.  Use these tools to your advantage to help guide your sales team on your customers new behavior.  You may discover customers who were normally behaving one way are working with a different marketing strategy that are making them behave differently now.  Your marketing and sales teams should be aware of these new behaviors to know how to strategize your own marketing and sales plans.

Be Sensitive to Your Audience on Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with your audience during COVID-19, but it is especially important to be aware of your message so it does not come off as insensitive.  Social listening during these sensitive times allows you to be aware of what topics, hashtags and other engagement your audience is partaking in.  Social listening helps you craft the right message, engage responsibly and post your message at the appropriate times. A 2020 social marketing strategy is necessary.

Marketing during COVID-19 is an ongoing process as everything continues to evolve. Being actively involved in communication with your customers, audience and staff is essential to developing the right strategy.  At Strategic Marketing we can assist you with your marketing during COVID-19.  You can reach us at 561 688-8155.