Paid Search Advertising

SmartClick is a proprietary paid search platform that manages pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns across all the major search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo! SmartClick is the only platform available that can track phone calls, emails, form submissions and other web events (like placing an order) back to the keywords that generated them. Armed with this valuable data, SmartClick takes it one step further by using the data to automatically optimize for the keywords that are generating the best results. SmartClick can even record calls for ensuring quality in customer service. Partner with Strategic Marketing and offer your clients or franchisees the most versatile and proven paid search platform available.

Sm@rtClick boasts the widest range of features of any paid search platform, including:

  • Monitor campaigns through a user-friendly dashboard
  • Review phone calls for ROI evaluation, mystery shopping and training purposes
  • Complete accountability and reporting that includes impressions, clicks, phone calls, emails, form submissions and web events
  • Get clients on the top of search results without waiting for SEO tactics to gain traction
  • True performance-based marketing — pay only when an ad is clicked
  • Get access to all the major search engines and their partner networks, and serve text ads to more than 98% of places people search

Proven to Produce Results

The overwhelming majority of consumers begin the buying process with a search; so in order to succeed in today’s dynamic landscape, your clients need to meet and beat their competitors on search engine results pages. SmartClick allows you to offer your clients or franchisees a paid search platform that includes the most comprehensive feature set available for PPC. Local businesses often can’t afford to wait for SEO to gain traction; they need to get in front of prospects quickly. They also want to know that their ad dollars are going to yield results. SmartClick is performance-driven advertising that gives local businesses the tools needed to get to the top of search without the work or the wait. 

  • 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine
  • 65% of “commercial intent” searches result in the user clicking a PPC ad
  • 88% of consumers research a product online before making a buying decision
  • Real-time tracking of clicks, form fills, web events, calls and costs
  • Set up and monitor multiple PPC campaigns for any number of locations
  • 24/7 optimization allocates your budget to the keywords that are performing the best


SmartClick is powered by ClickForce

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