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brand messaging mistakes

Common Brand Messaging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are You Making These Brand Messaging Mistakes?

Brand messaging is an important and ongoing part of branding. Your brand messaging needs to capture the attention of consumers, distinguish your brand from competitors and most importantly, compel consumers to complete some sort of action. Your brand’s messaging is what instills trust in prospective customers and gets them to understand and connect with your brand. Ineffective messaging can prevent you from building meaningful relationships with current and prospective customers. Read on to find out if you’re making these common brand messaging mistakes.

Focusing Too Much on Selling

Even though your goal is to increase sales, you still need to make sure your messaging is focused more on what your brand values rather than what your brand offers. Many brands also make the mistake of leaving out what their customers value. An effective messaging strategy connects your brand’s values with those of the consumer, creating a connection that would compel them to trust your brand. Get to know your target audience and their values, then you can tailor your messages to what is important to them. Remember, your customers come first, and that is also what your messaging should reflect.

TMI: Too Much Information

Consumers today are busier than ever. Between multi-tasking and constantly being on-the-go, they rarely have time to sort through lengthy branding and marketing messages. When developing your messaging, one of your goals should be to summarize the values that connect your brand to your target audience. Keep your messages short and to the point. Keeping your brand messaging concise not only makes it easier for consumers to remember you, but they are then more likely to pass your message onto other consumers and market your brand through word of mouth. Remember, your brand messaging is followed by content on your website, social media and in other marketing materials where you can elaborate on your brand’s values and attributes in more detail.

Using Buzzwords

Knowing the latest trends and buzzwords may be a good thing, but you don’t want to use them in your messaging. A buzzword is essentially a word that everyone is using, and one of the goals of your messaging is to make your brand stand out. If you’re using buzzwords in your messages, you’re making it harder for consumers to differentiate you from your competitors. Find other ways to say what your brand values in ways no one else has. This may take some time and serious brainstorming, but an authentic and truly unique message will be far more beneficial for your brand than something that will phase out in a short period of time.

Being Too Cautious

An effective messaging strategy should create an impact and ignite a feeling or emotion that compels your audience to a particular action. Many brands are often too cautious when it comes to creating a brand message in order to not offend anyone, which can result in boring and uninspired messaging. However, there is a way to create impactful messages while still avoiding the use of any offensive language or tones. Something as simple as using active voice rather than passive voice will make your messaging more effective and memorable.

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