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Why Bother Branding Your Law Firm?

(Shared from PNC’s Small Business Blog) Help position yourself for growth and success. As a lawyer, you know that image is important. But don’t think that branding is only for big businesses. In truth, a clear and recognizable brand is essential to growth and success regardless of firm size. Today, a successful brand captures the […]

Brand = You

Whether you’re a cupcake shop on the street corner or a multi-million dollar soft drink company, your business needs a brand. All respected and established companies have unique, recognizable brands. Having one of your own will elevate you above your competitors by letting your customers and prospects know that yours is a trusted mainstay in […]

How to Begin Planning Your 2015 Marketing Strategy

It’s time to begin planning your marketing strategy for 2015 – don’t procrastinate! Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing executive for a corporation, gather a few of your most insightful team members, advisors and/or colleagues for a meeting of the minds. Set the stage to get the creative juices flowing. When you […]

Beware This Trademark Scam – Alert Your Accounting Team

We received two very official-looking invoices in the mail from a company called Trademark-DB Corp. One referenced the Strategic Marketing logo, for which we hold a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and the other referenced a trademark that we hold for one of our clients. Both invoices were in the amount of […]

Why Gatorade’s New Jeter Ad Hits a Home Run

With the close of the 2014 baseball season in sight, the imminent retirement of Derek Jeter signifies the end of an era to all baseball fans. Jeter, aka The Captain, has become not only a Yankees legend, but an icon of New York as well. Gatorade has launched an amazing advertising campaign based on Derek […]

Tech Connect – How Connected are You?

The launch of the Apple Watch last week sparked considerable speculation about the future of wearable technology. Sleek design and multiple lifestyle features makes the Apple Watch look like a must-add to one’s wish list. Where does this purchase fit in amongst all the current and upcoming technological advances? Just 20 years ago, it was […]

5 Major Brands with Trademark Battles

Trademarking a slogan, word or catch phrase is a great way for people to remember and identify your brand. Everyone is familiar with trademarks like the McDonalds “I’m Lovin’ It” slogan or the Nike swoosh symbol, you can go anywhere in world and everyone will know those trademark symbols. Recently, companies like Victoria’s Secret, Kate […]

Samsung Bruises Apple’s iPhone 6 Reputation

It’s no secret that competing with Apple products can be difficult. The iPhone was ahead of its time in the era of flip phones, but other companies are catching up. A recent ad released by Samsung pokes fun of the allegedly empty promises of the iPhone 6. Two men sitting in a coffee shop discussing […]

“The Moment” by, Dicks Sporting Goods

Every athlete thrives on winning “The Moment”. Whether its bottom of the 9th, bases are loaded, and the winning run is on third, or the final foul shot determining the winner of the big rivalry. You practice, condition and mentally prepare for this moment every day on the court, the field or in the arena. […]