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4 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs Local Search Solutions

Local Search Solutions are Good for Business

If your business hasn’t yet focused on local search solutions or developed a sound local search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, you could be missing out on prospective customers. Local search solutions aren’t just for large corporations with many locations. A sound local SEO strategy can benefit practically all types of businesses in terms of both in-store traffic and online visibility. Read on to find out why your brand needs local search solutions.

The Majority of Searches are Mobile

It’s no secret that consumers use mobile devices more often than desktop searches to find products or services in their area. Smartphones, tablets and wearable devices, such as the Apple™ watch, are the go-to products for searching the internet and finding businesses because of their mobility and convenience for busy, on-the-go consumers. Local search solutions are a great way to reach more prospective customers because it puts your brand in front of those who are specifically searching in your area from their mobile devices.

Search Engines Favor Local Businesses

Another factor to the importance of local search is how it can benefit your current SEO strategy. Search engines are highly aware of how prominent mobile and “near me” searches are, and therefore, tend to rank businesses with consistent local listings higher in organic search results. Consistent business information also provides search engines with further proof that your business is a trusted and reliable source, giving your brand more of a chance to be at the top of the search results. With local SEO tools, you can boost your brand’s online visibility by potentially increasing traffic to your website.

Local Searches are High Intent

Consumers who search locally have typically completed the phase of researching the product or service and are ready to buy; they just need to find a business or provider in their area. Local search solutions make it easy for consumers to find and contact your business right when they need you. This will help increase online conversions and in-store traffic.

Local Search Solutions Help You Stay Competitive

Local search solutions help your brand stay competitive by boosting your SEO while also listing your business on various local directories. Nowadays, it isn’t enough to just focus on organic SEO or vice versa. You need to keep up with your competition by having a comprehensive local online marketing strategy that includes SEO and directory listing management. For example, you could have good reviews and a decent organic ranking, but if a prospective customer cannot verify where your business is, you may lose out on the sale, and they will likely choose a business that is easy to find, even if your business is closer.

Let Strategic Marketing Help You Manage Your Local Search Solutions

At Strategic Marketing, we are experts in local search and know how to maximize your online visibility with our cost-effective local SEO program, SmartList. SmartList gets your business information onto hundreds of publishers’ databases, ensuring all listings are accurate and consistent to maximize your presence in online maps, directories and in underlying organic search listings. Publishing your local listings with SmartList saves you time and is an extremely cost-efficient solution for growing your business. Visit our website to learn more or call (561) 688-8155 to speak with a marketing specialist to find out how SmartList can benefit your business.