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Six Reasons You Need Contractor Marketing Services

Six Reasons You Need Contractor Marketing Services

In the same way that you would not call on a marketer to renovate your home, one would not call on a general contractor to do their marketing. You know your business better than anyone, but that does not automatically make you a pro at marketing it. That’s why so many companies hire professionals who offer contractor marketing services. The field is highly competitive, with both small and large players vying for an edge. Marketing strategies that work for one contractor may not work for another. Nothing is “one size fits all,” and the term “contractor” itself can vary in meaning. Experience matters, and with over 30 years in the field, Strategic Marketing is here to help. Here are six reasons why you need contractor marketing services.

#1 – To Make Sure Your Brand Stands Out

Ask yourself – do your name and logo accurately represent your business and brand? If the answer is yes, make sure you have branded merchandise with your number and website on it. Brand everything you can from T-shirts to business cards. Make brochures, branded invoices, and decaled company vehicles. Every time someone sees a client wearing your jersey or simply driving by – you get “free” advertising. Trade materials are a great way to build awareness and solidify brand recognition, so do not cut corners on their quality. These items should be well-designed using proper materials. On the other hand, if you feel like your brand does not fully represent your company and desired clientele, it’s time to create one that matches your company’s vision.

#2 – For When You Consider Rebranding

Speaking of brands matching their vision – some of the biggest companies have seen their best results after rebranding to something entirely new. Others have experienced increased performance after simply updating their existing logo. Sentimental attachments to your first logo, name, and brand colors are natural, but they should never hinder your potential for growth. Always be open to change, even if that change is scary. And don’t get us wrong – fears are not entirely unwarranted. Such a drastic change can cause disruption, and there have been cases where rebranding went wrong and brands lost percentages of their clientele. When managed correctly, however, old clients will adjust to your new image while newer clients begin accumulating under your new brand.  Again, it comes down to experience and proper testing. When considering a rebrand, always consult a provider of contractor marketing services.

#3 – For Advertising Your Business

Once you have a brand that accurately targets your ideal customers, it’s time to advertise it. Branded merchandise is one thing, but getting your message out there is another. Keep in mind, every general contractor is unique, and thus every marketing strategy must be specialized to the business goals and budget of the company. Naturally, larger companies tend to invest in more tactics than smaller companies. That said, below is a general list of advertising activities that would be advised by providers of contractor marketing services.

  • Paid Search / Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Digital Display Banners
  • Paid and Organic Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct Mail

#4 – To Create or Update Your Website

As you already know, having your own website is crucial to success. What you may not have known is that your website should be constantly evaluated and improved upon. Your website’s Google Search Speed, layout, and design are all aspects that play major roles in how useful it will be for generating quality leads. Good web design is easier to achieve nowadays thanks to web builders that have become increasingly user-friendly. However, excellent web design is worth the extra penny to ensure that customers not only visit your site – but eventually make the decision to choose you. Visit your competitors’ homepages and compare them to yours. Click on each link and see where you can do better. A website speaks volumes about your brand. For example, a bright, modern, and simplistic design will tell potential clients that your company is sophisticated and refined – whereas a sharper, more edgy design might showcase your brand’s rugged and down-to-earth positioning. Even more than your physical office, a website is your main hub for customer traffic and reflects on the quality of your capabilities. We recommend a professional’s opinion on whether it represents you and your services well.

#5 – For Search Engine Optimization

Once you have a good website, you need to make sure it is findable. There’s no point in having a killer homepage that no one ever sees. Google’s search engine algorithm is constantly changing and evolving, and therefore – so must your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Keywords, a big component of SEO, are highly competitive search tools that tell Google what your website is about. This helps it to appear on the first page. Basically, when a customer searches for “contractor services” on Google, you want your company’s website to appear on that first page. Think about how often you go to the second or third page when doing a Google search… Not often, right? That’s why SEO is so important. Google is good at detecting which websites have the most relevant content to match a user’s search. Therefore, you also need to have engaging content that is related to your chosen keyword in order to rank well on the Google search engine. There are tools that can help with optimizing your website, but they do require an initial investment. Plus, creating the content itself requires copywriting, graphic art, and coding skills. Therefore, most companies choose to get their contractor marketing services from experts.

#6 – To Save Time & Money

While we strongly advise outsourcing your contractor marketing – bad advice is worse than no advice. Some advertising agencies will gladly take your marketing budget and invest it in ways that give you little-to-no return. This can be attributed to a lack of experience in the field. Contractor marketing is a heavily saturated arena, and without years of expertise, these agencies will fall short until they learn. This trial and error can cost you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours, as they learn and grow at your expense. You need an agency that can understand your industry, analyze your goals, create a winning marketing plan, and execute it to perfection. Strategic Marketing has over 30 years of experience providing contractor marketing services to contractors and building companies. Let our extensive knowledge build your brand and elevate your business to new heights. Contact us today for more info.