Media Buying & Planning

Toss away your preconceived notions about media. Strategic Marketing is all about connecting your business to the consumer through old ways, new ways, and ways you may have never imagined.

We also understand that clients need the maximum return out of their media investment. We treat your money like it's our own, working to get more out of every dollar through by negotiating the best prices, placements, and added value to help you reach your specific goals.

This is where our media knowledge, strong relationships, and creativity help us to outsmart, rather than outspend, your competition.

Our media buying and planning is dynamic. Utilizing ongoing results analysis, we optimize programs to maximize results.





Media planning & buying is powered by MediaForce

Integrated public relations is another specialty of Strategic Marketing. By delivering timely, key messages through the authority of the media, we craft information that your target audience can use, making them more than happy to pay attention.

As with most media delivery, technology has radically changed public relations campaigns and has opened an ongoing dialogue between companies and their clientele. We will guide you through this integration so that your public relations helps you create positive and long-lasting connections to you target audiences, which includes customers, vendors and employees.

SMI Clients

Email marketing is a great way to stay in front of your customer base with calls-to-action and limited time offers. We execute email marketing campaigns that deliver measurable results and help businesses grow. Learn More.

Print advertising is still a viable way to generate sales for many businesses. Our philosophy is to negotiate premium placements with the right publications and leverage them through compelling advertising creative. Learn More.

Emerging technologies like streaming media only continue to grow in popularity for advertisers. We were among the first agencies to employ streaming platforms like Pandora, and we've further expanded our reach into digital TV.

Despite the emergence of streaming, radio advertising continues to hold its own as a great way to get frequency with a defined audience. When you want a local touch that can drive traffic and leads, radio ads are an ideal option.

Digital media presents so many options to today's advertisers. From site targeting to retargeting to geo-fencing, we deploy the right digital media tactic for each client, keeping them at the forefront of digital marketing.

Mobile advertising can be a highly effective tool for local advertisers. We can target smartphone users that are in your demo when they are in your area and get in front of them with compelling interactive ads.

Transit advertising is as important as ever. We leverage the latest high-impact transit ads from partners in every market. Learn More.

Direct mail offers your business a way to interact with customers one on one, and we've got years of experience producing engaging mail pieces and managing campaigns for clients both local and national. Learn More. 

Whether it's radio, television, print or out-of-home, Strategic Marketing has the buying power to get your ads placed where you want them for the best possible price. We cut our teeth on traditional media buying. Learn More

Even in the face of fragmentation, television advertising still offers the most powerful medium for reaching a mass audience. We wield our decades of experience to negotiate the best rates for our clients, local and national. Learn More.

Out-of-home advertising includes a wide range of effective branding tools, such as billboards, bus wraps, benches and many other creative options. Outdoor ads can be very impactful when coupled with other media like radio. Learn More.

Getting your digital display ad in front of the right audience has never been more effective. With programmatic media buying we can target your customer across the internet by demographic, geographic and behavioral filters.

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