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The Role of Local Business Listings to Your Business’s Success

Here’s Why Local Business Listings Are Important

The days of flipping through the yellow pages of the phone book to find a business are long gone. Consumers today go straight to the internet, usually on a mobile device, to find businesses that provide a particular product or service in their area. The information that is available to consumers on the web says a lot about your businesses, and it often determines whether or not a prospective customer will take the time to contact you or visit your store. Prioritizing local search management in your marketing efforts will benefit your business and play a large role in your business’s success. Below are three main reasons why local business listings are important and why all businesses, especially small businesses, shouldn’t ignore their local business listings.

They’re Valuable to SEO

Local business listings are a key component to any search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Many factors go into determining the ranking of search engine results, and having consistent business information across the web is an important one. Search engines find business information so significant that most have their own local business directories, such as Google my Business, Bing Local and Yahoo LocalWorks. However, it isn’t enough to be listed only on the search engines’ directories. When ranking search results, third-party data is also considered, and businesses with the most consistent and largest presence across the web tend to be ranked higher than those with incorrect or missing business information. In order to rank high in the search results, you must have an up-to-date and vast online presence.

They Add Credibility

If the value of local business listings to search engines doesn’t convince you of their importance, consider the fact that they add credibility to your business in the of the consumer. When a prospective customer searches the internet to find a local business, they consider businesses with the most complete business information as reputable and trustworthy. This will encourage them to contact or purchase from one of those businesses over others. Since most consumers don’t have the time or patience to research aspects of your business or figure out how to contact you if that information isn’t readily available, you could be costing your business sales and customers. Local listings can give your business a positive first impression to prospective customers and can encourage customer loyalty down the road.

They’re an Advantage for Small Businesses

Prior to local search management, it was hard for small, local businesses to remain competitive with larger and more well-known corporations, mainly because consumers didn’t know they existed so their businesses weren’t being searched for. Now that the consumer marketplace is so vast and consumers have endless options to choose from when it comes to making purchase decisions, a quick internet search is all it takes for a consumer to come across a small business that is new to them but in the particular area they are searching. Local search management combined with a sound SEO strategy allows small businesses to be found online, allowing them to grow and remain competitive with other businesses of all sizes.

Here’s How to Make the Most of Local Business Listings

Managing your business’s information across hundreds or even thousands of directories and websites is simply not feasible for just one or two people. Information is bound to be mistyped or slip through the cracks, which can hurt your overall SEO strategy and your brand image. Strategic Marketing offers a cost-effective and time-saving solution for managing your local business listings.

SmartList is a local search management tool that makes your business visible in crucial times when prospective customers are actively searching in your area. SmartList manages your business’s information across thousands of publishers, including search engines, third-party directories, maps, consumer review sites and even GPS systems. You are also given the opportunity to enhance your listings with links, photos and videos. To learn more, contact us today by visiting our contact page or calling (561) 688-8155.