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What Is Retargeting?

The general term “retargeting” is often used when referring to the more specific tactic of site retargeting. Site retargeting is a form of online display advertising that keeps track of users who have visited your business’s website, and then serves your ads when they visit other websites across the internet. The goal is to convert “window shoppers” into customers. Unlike typical digital display and banner ads, retargeting ads are tailored to users who have already demonstrated an interest in your business. At Strategic Marketing, we ensure your ads are in front of your prospective customers, regardless of where they may go online. In addition to site retargeting, there are two other forms of retargeting:

  • Search Retargeting: serving ads to users who have searched for keywords relevant to your business in search engines
  • CRM Retargeting: importing your offline data (typically email addresses or other contact info already on file) and feeding it into software that begins tracking each individual’s online activity, serving your business’s ads along the way


Why Do You Need Retargeting?

Retargeting gives your business the chance to bring existing and prospective customers to your website, increasing the likelihood of conversions. Since this form of advertising targets users who have expressed interest in your product or service, retargeting campaigns are very effective. We have the expertise to manage retargeting campaigns that ensure your ads find internet users already interested in your product or service.

Why Strategic Marketing?

Strategic Marketing knows that the process of retargeting is just as much a reflection on your brand’s image as it is your individual product or service. The goal of our retargeting campaigns is to get users to easily recognize your brand while making it easy for them to follow through with contacting your business or making a purchase. Through strategic timing, placement and ad design, your retargeting campaign is sure to be successful and provide your prospective customers with multiple chances to convert. Contact us today to learn more, and find out why retargeting is key to your business’s online success.