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Reputation Management | Ultimate Guide to Building an Online Presence: Part 2

Your business’s online reputation precedes you when it comes to consumer purchase decisions. That’s great news if your business has a strong reputation but can be a major issue if your reputation is less than stellar. While negative reviews can sting, they don’t have to prevent your business from reaching its highest potential. With the right reputation management strategy at the helm, you can put the bad reviews in the past and move your business forward. Thanks to social media and countless review sites, word of mouth travels fast. This makes reputation management crucial for growing your business and increasing your customer base. Read on to learn how an effective reputation management strategy can help your business as well as some best practices.

Build Trustworthiness Online

When the rubber meets the road, consumers trust people more than ads. Your online presence can become trusted and credible if customers have encouraging things to say about your business. Managing your reputation properly will keep your record clean by highlighting the positive aspects of your brand. A positive online reputation is powerful enough to establish your business as a dependable leader in its industry.

Enhance SEO Rankings

Not only do online shoppers trust people more than ads, Google and other search engines do as well. Search engines are smart enough to promote the best possible websites on the results page, and take into account what people have to say about your business via reviews and social media sites. A solid reputation management strategy can help to improve search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and result in higher rankings.

Increase Revenue

A trustworthy business coupled with high visibility in search engine results can lead to an increase in revenue. Purchase decisions may lean in your favor as long as consumers find value and credibility in what you have to offer. Reputation management will improve the chances of someone finding your business and becoming a loyal customer. Growing your customer base will grow your bottom line, so the impact of your online reputation is considerable.

Best Practices

When it comes to managing your online reputation, it’s important to be proactive rather than reactive. If you’re ready to build an effective reputation management strategy, there are several things to consider. Since your business’s reputation speaks volumes to potential customers, make sure that you implement best practices into your approach. We’ve outlined a few important ones here, so keep reading to learn how you can make the most of your online reputation.

Respond To Your Comments – Good and Bad

While responding to positive comments can be an enjoyable task, responding to negative ones is where it gets tricky. Negative reviews can be damaging to the reputation of your business, so make sure to address them. Offering a response in a timely manner and making a genuine effort to right any wrongs can reassure unhappy customers, encouraging them to return to your business. This is also appealing to outsiders who see that you’re a responsive company who cares about their customers.

Generate Plenty of Positive Reviews

Given their value to search engines, you’ll want as many positive reviews as possible. Your review generation tactics should go hand-in-hand with reputation management in order to keep these reviews positive. As mentioned, search engines prioritize websites that have consistent, relevant and unique customer reviews since this type of content is highly useful to consumers. An efficient way to approach review generation is with a platform that automates the customer survey process, generating reviews for your business around the clock.

Stay Attentive to Your Online Reputation

Although this may seem obvious, your online reputation needs to be managed full-time. There are online reputation management tools that makes this a very plausible task for your business. These tools are able to automatically survey the internet, monitoring issues and opportunities that can help your business build trust and credibility. Reputation management services can generate prompt customer feedback, alert your business when negative feedback is posted and allow you to showcase your brand in a positive light.

Powerful Reputation Management with SmartRep – Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing is a full-service advertising agency that has a solution for businesses looking to improve their online reputation. Our reputation management platform, SmartRep, allows your business to maximize positive customer feedback and easily handle potentially damaging reviews. Our automated software will publish positive reviews to various review sites and social media pages. This powerful reputation management software makes generating and managing online reviews simple, with an easy-to-use dashboard. To learn more about SmartRep, contact us today by calling (561) 688-8155.