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Print Advertising Techniques that Digital Can’t Provide

Long Live These Print Advertising Techniques

With the popularity of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, many advertisers and businesses put a lot of their time and budgets into digital advertising methods to ensure they are capturing consumers virtually anytime and anywhere. For many businesses, digital advertising is crucial to a successful and all-inclusive advertising strategy; however, it may not be wise to completely replace print advertising methods. Print ads appeal to consumers in a unique and distinctive way. Below are some examples of print advertising techniques that digital methods can’t provide.

Eye-Catching Graphics

Print ads are most recognized for their formatting and visual elements. Designers combine many different elements when creating a print ad in order to engage viewers and keep brands in the forefront of consumers’ minds. From strategically choosing colors and composition to using direct gaze and association, the design, formatting and graphics that print advertising provides is often more successful in evoking emotional responses and connections between brands and consumers than digital advertising tactics.

Powerful Headlines

Powerful and compelling headlines are crucial to any type of advertisement, but even more so with print. Technology and our on-the-go lifestyles have contributed to short time and attention spans. A print ad has to be compelling enough to get consumers to take time out of their schedules to complete some sort of action, without the help of corresponding links and landing pages.

A Loyal Viewership

The digital landscape is full of all types of consumers from all over the world, which is great when you want to reach a large and wide audience. However, in order to hone in on your target audience, a lot of research and testing is often needed to determine the best way to serve your digital ads and who you need to serve them to. Many types of print advertising come with a loyal following of consumers with similar characteristics. Certain publications can allow you to target repeat and prospective customers while putting your brand in a prominent position.

We’re Print and Digital Experts

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