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Mistakes to Avoid with Video Advertising

Avoid These Common Video Advertising Mistakes

Video advertising is one of the most effective ways to capture the attention of your audience and keep them engaged in your brand’s message. Video is easily consumable compared to text ads and other content. If done correctly, it can be more effective in leaving a lasting impression on your target audience as well. However, there are many mistakes that are often made when setting up a video advertising campaign, and if you’re new to this advertising method, you could be causing your campaign to perform poorly without knowing it. Read on to learn about common video advertising mistakes to avoid so you can get the highest return on investment (ROI) from your video ads.

Bad Timing

For certain brands, timing can be everything. If you aren’t paying attention to where your target consumers are at the time your video ads are running, you could be unknowingly hurting your campaign’s performance. Aligning your video ads with your target audience’s schedule can help ensure your video is actually being viewed. This can also cause an increase in website traffic, social media engagement or conversion rates because your ads are appearing at the right time and in the right place.

Too Long

Even though video ads tend to grab the attention of your audience easier than other ad types, they are still temporarily disrupting your viewer’s intended action. To ensure you’re attracting viewers to your ad and keeping them engaged, remember to keep your ads short and to the point. You can’t count on every viewer to have the time or consideration to pay full attention to your ad from start to finish, so the shorter the ad is, the more effective it can be. Just make sure it is creative and interesting enough to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Choosing the Wrong Format

Video ads comes in a variety of formats and when creating your campaign, you have many different options to choose from depending on your brand and campaign goals. Different video formats engage viewers in different ways and choosing the right format is crucial to the success of your campaign. Linear ads, like in-stream ads, are ones that run in line with viewers’ desired content. Since this type of ad can often be skipped, this format is best for boosting brand awareness among the most relevant target audience.  However, if the goal of your video campaign is to increase sales or conversions, you’re better off choosing interactive video ads.  These are ads that pause the user’s content and take over the screen while allowing users different options to interact with. For example, an interactive video ad could have the option for users to sign up for emails or learn more about a certain product or service.

Only Advertising on YouTube

When you think of video advertising, YouTube is probably the first and may be the only platform that comes to mind. However, just like there are many different formats for video ads, there are also different platforms to use as well. For example, most social media platforms allow for video advertisements, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Not only will this increase your reach and ROI, but publishing your videos on more platforms can also boost your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Not Aligning Videos to Your Brand and Target Audience

In order to increase your ROI and have your video ads be most effective, they need to be aimed specifically at your target audience while showcasing your brand’s identity. You want viewers to develop a connection with your brand from the video and encourage them to perform a desired action, whether that is visiting your website or making a purchase. Is your video targeting the audience that would benefit most from your product or service? If so, you should notice and increase in traffic, conversions and, ultimately, ROI.

For Expert Video Advertising, Contact Strategic Marketing

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