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Media Planning

Strategic Marketing understands that clients need more from their media investment than simple creative backed up by a poorly conceived and executed media plan. That is why communication, insights, great creative and accountability are our guiding principles. We treat your money like our own, always seeking the best bang for the buck.

Media planning and buying is dynamic. Utilizing ongoing results analysis, we optimize programs to maximize results.

There are many modes of communication in media: TV, radio, print, outdoor, online, social media, direct mail or even just plain word-of-mouth. But we think it makes the most sense to define your target market and where your brand wants to go before we start charting a course. This is how we approach every media plan.

So, toss away all your preconceived notions about media. Strategic Marketing is about connecting to the consumer through old ways, new ways and ways you may never have imagined. Luckily, we have.

This is where our media knowledge, strong relationships and creativity help us to outsmart instead of outspend your competition. We work to get more out of every dollar through negotiation of best prices, placements, and added value appropriate to your specific goals.