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How to Make Your Product Launch Memorable

Strategies for a Product Launch that Resonates

When preparing for a new service or product launch, there are a number of technical things you’ll need to plan for in order to make it happen. Perfect timing and crafting creative advertising pieces are all necessary things to consider. However, making sure your new product or service resonates with your target audience takes a little more thought and effort. Below are some tips on how to make your next product launch successful and memorable.

Create a Buzz Early On

You don’t want to wait until right before your product launch to start talking about it. Build up the anticipation and get people talking about your new product or service long before it is launched. Many well-known businesses turn to news outlets, bloggers and other thought leaders months before a product launch happens. Not only will this get people talking about your product, but it simultaneously grows your brand’s following, which can help increase brand awareness and recognition in the future.

Focus More on People than the Product

Of course you are excited about your new product and want to share its features with the rest of the world, but there is a certain way to do it if you want your product to really appeal to your audience. Rather than focusing on the product itself, place an emphasis on how it benefits people. In other words, don’t just state what your new product does, but explain how it fits into the lives of your target audience. Emphasize how your product solves problems for consumers or how it can improve their lives and make day-to-day tasks easier. Use this strategy any time you talk about your new product, and you will appeal to consumers as a more trust-worthy brand that has a genuine interest in improving the lives of your customers.

Keep Some Secrets

When it comes to the specifics of your new product, don’t share too much information before you actually launch your product. You want to keep some of the details to yourself to draw out the suspense and build up the hype with your target audience. If you share everything about your new product before the launch, what will entice people to pay attention on the big day? A little mystery is key to keeping your audience engaged and interested in your highly-anticipated new product.

Plan a Press-Worthy Event

If you’ve taken the time to consult with the media early on as mentioned above, then you’ve already done most of the work for getting press at your event. If it isn’t in your budget to have outside media representatives make an appearance, you can still create your own press by having one of your own staff members be responsible for photographing the event and compiling videos that can be shared on social media, posted to your website or submitted to local media outlets to share your new product. Anything that expands your reach will help boost awareness, which will be beneficial in the long run.

Always Keep Your Brand in Mind

When it comes down to it, your launch is a reflection of your brand. You want the entire process to be organized, well thought out and reflect your brand’s most valued objectives. Strategically plan out what information you are going to release when leading up to your launch, and keep every detail in mind when planning events so guests are given a memorable experience that they will associate with your business. As important as it is to plan out the time leading up to the launch, you also want to make sure it contributes to brand recognition and helps to grow your following long after the event.

Get Help from Experts at Strategic Marketing

Planning a product launch takes a lot of time and attention, and not every business has the resources and availability to plan the entire event on their own. Don’t be afraid to get help from experts who can strategically position your new product so it is in line with your brand and intrigues your target audience. Strategic Marketing is a full-service agency that has over 25 years of experience in traditional and digital marketing and advertising, and we can help make sure your product launch is a success. To learn more, contact us today by calling (561) 688-8155 or visiting our contact page.