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How to Make Customer Reviews Work For You

Are You Using Customer Reviews to Your Business’s Advantage?

By now you’ve probably heard that customer reviews are important to your business’s success. You know you have to acquire reviews, but then what? Many business owners work on getting customer reviews, but not many know what to do with them once they come in. Online reviews have many benefits, but you may be missing out if you are letting your reviews go unnoticed and unused. Here are some ways you can make customer reviews work for you.

Build a Positive Online Reputation

Every business wants a positive online reputation, and actively working to increase the number of reviews your business has online is the first step to building a positive online reputation. Your online reputation requires constant attention, which is why many businesses put this on the back-burner. Responding to reviews, both positive and negative, shows consumers that your company cares about its customers. This is a great way to earn the trust of prospective customers and retain current ones, all while creating and maintaining a positive online reputation.

Boost Sales and Conversions with Reviews

Customer reviews can be a useful tool to drive sales and increase conversions in your paid advertising campaigns. Reviews help consumers make purchase decisions, so why not incorporate reviews into ad copy and marketing materials? Putting customer testimonials on certain pages of your website or in proposals and other sales materials can help you acquire new business. Major search engines already show your average rating based on reviews in local search results, which can help drive more traffic to your website if you have a solid review generation strategy in place. Reviews and ratings can also be valuable tools to increase conversions when used in your paid search advertising methods. For example, if your business is running a pay-per-click campaign, you can feature reviews in the landing pages that correspond with your paid ads. This can help prospective customers feel confident about purchasing that particular product or service without having to leave the page.

Internal Coaching and Quality Control

No business wants negative reviews, but they can be beneficial. Instead of scrambling to hide negative reviews and pretend they never happened, use them to your advantage. Reviews that mention flaws about your product or service can serve as a reality check on your quality control and help you identify areas that need improving. After responding to these negative reviews and making amends with the customer, put your improvements into action to ensure customer satisfaction in the future. If you find that you’re receiving negative reviews about employees or policies, you can use them as resources to coach your staff and identify personnel issues or internal business practices that may need adjusting.

Tackle Customer Reviews with the Help of Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing has developed a cost and time-efficient review generation and reputation management platform that makes it possible for any business to easily manage its online reputations and generate reviews. SmartRep boasts a user-friendly dashboard that puts all of your reviews in one place, allowing you to easily connect with customers and respond to reviews 24/7. Through branded email or text message, your customers are contacted and asked to leave a review. You are informed immediately of any negative reviews so you can respond and address the situation before it is published online. Positive reviews are automatically published to numerous review sites and social media channels, immediately growing your brand’s positive reputation. To learn more, contact us today by visiting our website or by calling 561.688.8155.