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The Importance of Maintaining Local Business Listings

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Most of us have had the unfortunate experience of searching for a particular business or service online and driving to where we thought the business would be, only to find an empty building or a business that is not at all what you were looking for. These unfortunate scenarios can have negative impacts on businesses, as consumers will typically associate their negative experience directly with the business’s customer service, reputation and overall brand. Whether your business relocated or changed contact information, local business listings that are outdated or missing information can result in loss of sales and customers.

Common Problems with Local Business Listings

Business directories allow your business’s most important information to be easily accessible to hundreds of thousands of consumers who may be looking online for products or services that you offer, but only if you’re properly managing your business listing. Below are some of the most common problems that businesses encounter and will want to avoid when managing local business listings.

Missing or Incorrect Information

Businesses that have relocated or added additional locations tend to run into the problem of missing or incorrect business information. Whether it’s an incorrect address or a missing telephone number, a prospective customer will quickly move on to another business if your phone number or address isn’t listed.

Leaving out Links

While many prospective customers are searching directories for your location or contact information, that doesn’t mean you should leave out links that can be of more convenience to them. Including a link to your website in your local business listings can help a prospective customer find out more information about your product or service that can influence their buying decision and persuade them to contact or visit your store.

Not Claiming Your Business on Search Engines

Many popular search engines, such as Google, offer businesses the option to claim and publish their business listing on their search engine. Since search engines prefer businesses with the most accurate and updated content (which includes what your business listing entails), claiming your business can increase your ranking among local search results.

Why Local Business Listings are so Important

In such a highly competitive marketplace, you do not want to risk losing business to your competitors simply because of inaccurate business information or even a complete lack of online business information. Most consumers won’t be so forgiving if they are taking time out of their day to visit your store but arrive somewhere else unintentionally, and they will likely  turn to another business that can easily be contacted or accessible to them. Maintaining an accurate local business listing across the web will not only boost your SEO efforts and increase your online presence, but consumers will also see your brand as more reliable which can increase brand loyalty.

Contact Strategic Marketing for Local Listing Management

Strategic Marketing has developed a program that maximizes online visibility by effectively and efficiently managing local business listings across more than 2,000 publishers, including Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yelp, Citysearch and many more. SmartList offers enhanced listings that allow you to include photos, links, business hours and targeted keywords so your listing can be as detailed and complete as possible for consumers. SmartList is a cost-effective solution for local listing management and saves businesses time by providing your business information to each publisher, ensuring information is consistent across the web.

To learn more about SmartList or to start maximizing your business’s online visibility, visit our contact page on our website or call 561-688-8155 today.

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