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Video Marketing

How to Create Successful TV Ads

Many businesses are intimidated by the cost of television advertising; however, successful TV ads can greatly increase the effectiveness of other marketing campaigns while increasing brand awareness. Television is still one of the few media channels that allows you to combine visual and audio, making it very powerful in establishing emotional connections with your target audience. As a business owner, you have a unique brand, and television advertising allows you to effectively express your brand while establishing a connection with your target audience.

Today’s consumer has the ability to skip or fast forward through commercials, making it more challenging for your ad to reach its intended audience. This doesn’t mean that television advertising should be ignored; however, it does mean that your ad has to be strategically planned and executed to ensure your ad captures the attention of its audience. Below are some components and guidelines for creating distinct and successful TV ads among today’s consumers.

Research and Plan

Before creating and placing any television ad, make sure your business has a clear understanding of who your target audience is. Your brand should know exactly what type of television viewer you want your ads to appeal to, as well as knowing the message and image you want to convey. Successful TV ads work best when they can be implemented into other areas of your marketing efforts. Planning television ads that can be utilized or referenced in other marketing strategies will reinforce your brand’s identity and make your brand stand out. If you haven’t established your brand’s identity and completed thorough research on what type of consumer your brand is targeting, your ads and brand itself are less likely to be remembered.

Blend Creativity with Simplicity

The average television ad is only 15 or 30 seconds, which doesn’t leave you much time for your brand to get your message across, let alone establish a connection with viewers. Successful TV ads demonstrate creativity and are distinctively different than other ads they’ve seen. More importantly, the message should be simple and easy for the viewer to understand and relate to. Your ad should immediately intrigue the viewer. Complicated television ads that cram a lot of information into them often lose the interest of the viewer, and rather than establishing a positive connection, the viewer may interpret the bland and complicated commercial as a reflection of your business as well.

Don’t Cut Corners

Whether it’s planning the creative aspects of the commercial, producing the spot or buying media placement, TV advertising is not where you want to skimp on resources and quality. If your business doesn’t have the resources to perform any of the tasks to create successful TV ads, you should utilize the services of a professional agency or creative team. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to drain your marketing budget for your television advertising, but having a well-planned strategy and knowing exactly what you will need to invest in will ensure your TV ads reach their highest potential and meet your brand’s goals.

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