Converting Home Improvement Leads to Sales: A Case Study

grew annual revenues by 300% in just 2 years

Our clients Capitol Carpet & Tile and Window Fashions and Statewide Windows & Doors came to us wanting to generate more home improvement leads to fuel their business growth. They were looking for a marketing agency who could target the correct audience, effectively reach them with compelling content, and outperform the competition in acquiring new customers. Through extensive market research, we developed a strategic approach to reach consumers through television, digital platforms, and direct mail ads. Our insightful approach has successfully increased home improvement leads, converted them into paying customers, and significantly boosted their revenue.

Marketing Strategy Mastery: Capitol Carpet & Tile


Capitol Carpet & Tile had been through four advertising agencies in as many years, with disappointing results. President Lou Morano was resigned to the idea that he would have to bring all of his marketing needs in house, though he really did not want to take on that additional overhead and responsibility.  We presented him with a strategy that identified his target audience, how best to reach them, and what kind of message would resonate with that audience.  The client gave us an opportunity, and we made the most of it.


Analyzing the client’s own customer base, we determined that his core customer were female homeowners over the age of 35, so we tailored the message and media strategy to that audience.  We envisioned a brand with Lou Morano and his big personality as the centerpiece of the creative, and from that we developed a series of offbeat and humorous television commercials that turned Lou from just another South Florida business owner into a local celebrity.  Our media buys were optimized for a live-viewing F35+ audience, focusing on morning and evening news in particular while leveraging our considerable buying power in the market to get the lowest possible rates with tremendous added value.  Our media strategy integrated with other complementary and targeted tactics, such as direct mail and digital.


In partnership with Strategic Marketing for nearly 30 years, Capitol Carpet & Tile has grown from one struggling location to the largest independent flooring retailer in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast, with six locations and thriving residential and commercial divisions.  With us by their side, they have weathered recessions, a housing collapse, and a global pandemic—and they are stronger than ever before.

Revolutionizing Lead Generation: Statewide Windows & Doors


In March 2021, Statewide Windows & Doors came to us looking for a strategic partnership to fill gaps in lead generation, tracking and reporting, and brand building.  They had worked with other local and international marketing firms but experienced nothing but dissatisfaction.  At this point, they were an established business with over 10 years in their industry, but they wanted to reach the next level and show that they could stack up next to bigger competition.


Strategic implemented a branding strategy that conveys the client’s message of top-quality work and personalized service.  Our digital marketing strategy includes Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram advertising, as well as email and content marketing.  We also brought their brand and message to life with a TV commercial that was written and produced in house.  Strategic also integrated conversion tracking within their website to track website visits and leads, which helped both our retargeting and reporting.  We implemented regular reporting that summarizes results from every platform to show accountability and better improve conversions.


The proof of our partnership’s success is in the numbers.  From 2018 through 2020, Statewide averaged $5.3MM in revenue.  In 2021, revenues grew to $9.7MM, a massive 83% increase. Not content with that kind of growth, in 2022 the client’s revenue exploded to $15.9MM, an additional 67% increase.  In two years’ time, the client’s annual revenues grew a whopping 300%.  That’s a success story.

business growth

Make the Right Move with Home Improvement Marketing

As you can see, the results speak for themselves. Our strategy has propelled Capitol Carpet and Statewide to become top performers in their respective industries. To this day, we are still generating home improvement leads for them and witnessing the growth in their revenue. If you’ve been looking for similar results, the solution is here at Strategic Marketing – contact us today to learn more.