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Five Benefits of Customer Databases

Knowing your customer base is a crucial component of a successful business. A customer database is a collection of information about all the customers that have made a purchase from your business. It is the most powerful tool at your disposal. After all, what’s better than repeat business? If you’re not taking advantage of your customer database you’re missing out on potential sales. Here are the top 5 benefits to using your customer database for your marketing efforts.

Create Brand Affinity

Today’s customers want to buy from businesses they know and love. When armed with a customer database, you have the ability to build brand affinity by sending out marketing emails to people that have opted to receive them. Reaching out to customers by sharing new products, special offers or company news can help them feel connected to your business and nurture a relationship of trust.

Develop Customer Loyalty

A customer database allows your business to identify the most loyal and profitable customers. You’ll be able to target and give the red carpet treatment to this segmented audience. An effective way to reach these customers is through email marketing that takes the preferences of the customer into account. This engages customers, building further brand loyalty, and can inspire them to share your brand with friends and family. Not to mention, sending them special discounts and offers is a great way to encourage new purchases.

Provide Better Customer Service

Happy customers equal good business. Database marketing allows you to develop a stronger relationship with your customers. Having information like buying behavior, post-purchase feedback and reviews allows businesses to take a consumer-centric approach to customer service. Keeping up to date with the wants of your customer base allows the insight necessary to personalize communication so you can serve them better.

Direct Channel to Customers

One of the key benefits of a customer database is that it is a collection of actual customers that have purchased from you in the past. The foremost benefit of leveraging these names is that because they are verified customers, they are already interested in your product or service. The desire to purchase from your business is higher than it would be if you were prospecting for new customers.

Launching New Products

Rolling out new products to a small segment of your audience is a great way to test the water before launching it on a wider scale. You can target an audience based on information from your customer database. Selecting a group of your most trusted customers can allow a business to gather constructive feedback that can help improve later versions of the product. Keeping a pulse on what customers think and want is a great way to enhance the products you offer and how you offer them.

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