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Finding the Best AI Copywriting Software for Your Business

Creating effective marketing content can be a difficult task because filling a blank page is an intimidating and time-consuming part of the creative process. With advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), however, businesses have suddenly gained access to powerful copywriting solutions that are faster than ever before. Everyone, from the smallest to the largest companies, is currently experimenting with different AI software products to find the most effective solution for their business. With the right one, they could cut their content creation time in half and potentially save a ton of money in the process. But which of the many options is the best AI copywriting software to choose? In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best AI options available so you can choose the right one for your business.

How AI Copywriting is Changing the Game

AI-powered tools are able to take almost any command, then find and analyze data from across the web, before quickly generating high-quality copy for new projects. This eliminates the “blank page” issue and enables companies to focus on research, strategy, and creative direction – letting the machine-learning algorithms do the heavy lifting. With the best AI copywriting software, businesses can simply provide the parameters of their project, include any details and keywords, and watch as the program takes care of the rest. Hundreds of words can be generated per minute! While we will never recommend copy-pasting AI-generated content and publishing it, there is a lot that can be written on your behalf without needing too much correction. We’ll get to that in a moment. First, let’s discuss what you can get for free.

Free Versus Paid Services

There are many free AI copywriting tools available, but the adage “you get what you pay for” is as true in this context as it is in almost every other. Free AI copywriting tools are a great option for smaller businesses, allowing you to focus on growing your brand rather than writing for it. Getting that much power for a $0 investment is certainly worth looking into. But, remember – higher quality levels are almost always gated by a paywall. The distinction between free and paid tools is night and day, with easily noticeable differences the moment you upgrade your service. The best AI copywriting software is not free, but it can be affordable since most options offer a usage-based pricing scheme. However, if you’re generating more than 3,000 words per month, especially for a variety of unfamiliar mediums, skip the free programs and go right for the quality.

Ranked – The Best AI Copywriting Software

When choosing an AI copywriting tool, consider your business needs. If you are planning to use it for website copy, for example, it’s important that the software is up-to-date with current best practices for SEO. A good tool will take into account keyword density, title optimization, readability scores, meta tags, and much more to help your website rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Other features you should look for are things like “natural language processing” (NLP) capabilities so your generated copy sounds more human-like, and customizable templates so you can create branded content quickly and easily. If you pride yourself on being the best writer for your brand, then the efficacy of a software’s NLP becomes less important. Simply use the software to develop ideas, topics, and content – then rewrite the content yourself. Don’t try looking for “the best” software, try to find the best AI copywriting software for your specific needs and budget.

With that said, instead of ranking the best AI copywriting software from best to worst, we selected our top picks for various copywriting needs and business types. Below we share our favorites for each category, but we recommend that you do your own research to make the best decision for your business.

Best Totally Free Tool – ChatGPT

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck – spending zero bucks is hard to beat. For what it’s worth, and with four free uses per day, ChatGPT can be very useful for smaller businesses or freelance writers simply looking for ideas and quick copy. The program is incredibly intuitive and uses the newer OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 software, as opposed to GPT-3, meaning it is smarter and sounds more natural. Still, with only four requests per day, larger businesses or copywriters will likely not find much use from ChatGPT. It is worth noting, however, that their mobile-only application allows unlimited requests per day. Therefore, if you’re a writer, small-business owner, or songwriter – ChatGPT is an easy, quick, and intelligent tool to pick up and go with – literally.


Best Hybrid Tool – Copy.AI

If you’re trying to eliminate writer’s block with a free, highly-popular (over 500,000 users), and incredibly powerful software, Copy.AI is a good choice. With the versatility to go from free to paid based on your needs, Copy.AI is an easy way to start producing pages of quality copy. It’s a versatile tool, offering a wide array of templates for a myriad of purposes – and it’s free up to 2,000 words per month. The downsides of this program are that it does not integrate with your browser, isn’t amazing at long-form content (unless you fill in the blanks), and may require a learning curve (if copywriting is not familiar to you). 


Most Affordable Tool – Ryter

Ryter boasts over 850,000 current users that include everyone from freelance writers and small businesses to CEOs and marketing agencies. While the software speeds up writing significantly, it does struggle with realism and a lack of features. However, due to its limited features, Ryter is actually one of the easiest programs to pick up and start using. For the features provided, and the fact that their paid plans start at just $9, Ryter is a great choice for marketers or businesses who already employ copywriters.


Best Overall Tool – Jasper

As an agency, Strategic Marketing did our own search for the best AI copywriting software that would save us the most time and budget, while still being able to produce high-quality content. Jasper was that software – without a doubt. From its advanced NLP and data intuitive data sourcing, to the software’s detailed inputs and templates, Jasper provides the best overall experience. It is easy to use, incredibly smart, and reasonably priced for what it offers. Jasper may not be the best AI copywriting software for your business, but it certainly is for ours.

Why You Still Need a Copywriter

Even the best AI copywriting software can’t replace the artists we call copywriters. One might suspect that plagiarism is a large reason why humans should edit AI-generated content, but this is not the case. AI copywriting software usually comes with anti-plagiarism features built in. To avoid being flagged for plagiarism, the sourced content may be rewritten in a way that is lackluster, oddly phrased, or reminiscent of another’s work – and no one wants unimaginative copy. Even with the advances in AI technology, there is no substitute for the human touch. A copywriter is a wordsmith that specializes in crafting copy for brands and tailors their services to your needs. AI copywriting is an amazing tool when handled by copywriters, rather than in place of them.

How to Write the Best Copy for Your Business

Good copywriters can take AI-generated copy and turn it into the best possible copy for your brand – matching your tone of voice and personality. Pairing a copywriter with the best AI copywriting software is the greatest way to generate copy for your business, but it’s not the only way. Small businesses may be wondering what their options are if they can’t afford to hire a copywriter, and the answer is simple – you may not need one. If you’re confident in your own abilities, the best AI copywriting software will only enhance your business’s copy by adding a professional and creative polish. However, if you aren’t confident in your copywriting abilities or AI selection skills – we know people who are.

Not a Copywriter and Can’t Afford to Hire One?
Enlisting the services of a marketing agency that already employs AI software, as well as expert copywriters, is a fantastic alternative to hiring a full-time writer, or trying to do the work yourself. At Strategic Marketing, we took the time to select the best AI copywriting software to bolster our clients’ content. That means you can get the benefit of the best paid software and the best writers without investing in either. That’s why we’re here – so you can get the services you need and benefit from over 30 years of marketing expertise. Sound intriguing? Contact us today!