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Email Marketing Tips to Make Sure Your Emails Aren’t Junk Mail

Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Getting the most out of your email marketing campaign isn’t always easy. Coming up with the perfect subject line, crafting stimulating content and getting recipients to click through to your website can be a challenge. Generally speaking, you can create a more effective email marketing campaign when you tone down your corporate voice and create more friendly, personalized emails for your recipients. Below are some tips on how you can optimize your email marketing campaign to make it more effective, making sure your emails aren’t considered junk mail by current and prospective customers.

Send Emails from a Real Person

If you are sending out emails from your company’s name rather than your own personal name, then chances are they are being overlooked. People are more likely to open emails that are from a person rather than a business because they tend to trust individual senders more than generic, business accounts. Whether you send emails from yourself or another employee in your company, this will give your messages a greater likelihood of being opened and clicked.

Short and Sweet Subject Lines

Sometimes creating witty and clever subject lines causes them to be too long and unclear. Unfortunately, your customers don’t always have the time to read (or re-read) a lengthy email subject and decide whether or not it’s something worth reading or not. Create a subject line that they can’t help but be interested in, and one that is short and to the point. More precisely, try keeping it under 50 characters so it’s mobile friendly and doesn’t get cut off. You will also want to use a tone and language that your target audience can relate to, this will entice them to read the email.

Concise Emails with a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Getting people to open and read your emails isn’t enough; they need to be encouraged to complete some sort of action. Whether it’s signing up for something or visiting your website to complete a purchase, the content within your email has to be concise enough that it is read in its entirety and persuasive enough that readers are compelled to act right away. Similar to the subject line, you don’t want emails that are too lengthy. Remember to keep your content relevant and clear, and make sure the email has a purpose with your CTA in a location that is easy to find and makes sense.

Emails that Reflect Each Customer’s Journey

It may be more work to personalize emails so they reflect where each customer is in the purchase cycle, but it will be well worth it. Sending the same emails to customers who have already purchased a particular product or service from you won’t always be relevant to prospective customers. For example, you could send emails regarding products or services that relate to past purchases to existing customers, and send special incentives to prospective customers, such as free shipping or a percentage off of their first order. Distinguishing your emails in this way will help ensure relevancy among everyone and will benefit your campaign as a whole.

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