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Creative Advertising That Gets a Double Take

In order for a business to stand out, it has to capture the imagination of potential customers. People come in contact with advertisements on a daily basis and are saturated with marketing messages. It can take a bit of trial and error but it’s possible to build an ad campaign that really stands out from the competition and talks to consumers. Here are five of our top recommendations to be successful at creative advertising:

Use a Headline to Grab Their Attention

When you only have a second to grab the attention of potential customers, every moment counts. A powerful headline that makes a statement is an effective way to attract consumers. When developing creative advertising it’s important to ask “Who am I trying to attract and what would get their attention?”

Once you’re able to identify your audience and what’s important to them, you’ll discover the most effective ways to reach them. Encapsulate the idea in a short, bold statement that expresses something specific about your company and value proposition. Just remember to keep it concise and to the point.

Visuals That Make a Statement

Another great way to achieve a double take is by using strong imagery that has a layered meaning. When crafting the concept for an ad, make part of the message obvious at first glance and pair it with something that is more subtle. This will disrupt the viewers thought pattern and allows your brand to communicate meaning in a fraction of a second. The most effective ads are the ones that intrigue the consumer into wanting to know more. When paired with an attention getting headline, imagery can have a powerful impact on potential customers.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is a constant in the lives of most people and it is a quick and effective way for consumers to share your advertising message. Social networks make it easy for blogs, images, and videos to be shared and disseminated to a large audience. Create buzz about your next promotion or event by posting it online. Users will usually react or share relevant content, so make sure your post is something they can get excited about!

Guerrilla Advertising Works

Guerrilla advertising is an effective way for businesses to achieve maximum impact on a low budget. Guerrilla marketing is about finding unusual ways to advertise your service or product. It is a creative advertising strategy that works because it surprises consumers, creating a memorable experience for them. When developing your guerrilla advertising plan make the concept easy for potential consumers to understand and participate.

Sponsor Something Unusual

Have you noticed how almost everything in a major city is sponsored by a company? Next time you’re in a public space take note of what is sponsored. There are many unexpected sponsorship opportunities to take advantage of, such as a city’s bike sharing program or stadium cups at the local ball park. The key is to think about creative ways to capitalize on sponsorship.

Take Your Brand to the Next Level with Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing is a full-service advertising agency, offering over 25 years of experience. We’ve helped businesses across many different industries establish powerful branding strategies within their relevant markets. Through various traditional and digital marketing tactics, our specialists can determine the most effective strategy based on your goals. Whether you’re looking to launch a new brand or update what you already have, we can help get your brand noticed. Contact us today by visiting our contact page or calling (561) 688-8155 to learn more.