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Content Marketing Ideas That Aren’t Blogs

Content Marketing That Goes Beyond Blogging

When you think of ways to create content for your brand, blogs or landing pages for your website probably come to mind first. However, content comes in many different forms, some of which have nothing to do with posting copy to your website. While blogs and landing pages are important to your overall content marketing strategy, you don’t have to rely solely on them. Below are some content marketing ideas that your brand can utilize to increase brand awareness and improve your online marketing efforts.

Create Podcasts for Entertainment

Podcasts are an underutilized marketing medium but are quite popular among consumers. A podcast is simply an audio file, similar to a radio broadcast without commercials, that users can access online. If a user subscribes to your channel, any new content that you upload is automatically downloaded to their device and made available to the user. Podcasts are relatively easy and inexpensive, and if they’re done correctly, they are effective tools to get consumers engaged with your brand. A creative and unique podcast gives your brand the potential to obtain a large and dedicated following, so long as you maintain a frequent and ongoing podcast schedule.

Organize or Speak at Conferences

When you organize or attend a conference, you expect to show up, participate or take in the surroundings and maybe wait until the following year to experience it again. What you might not realize is that conferences are great forms of content marketing. Conferences and similar events often result in recordings of the experience through video, audio or text. After the event is over, you will have unique content to share on your social media pages, on your YouTube channel or you can add it to a blog post that summarizes the recent event.

Educate and Share Industry Insights

Consumers want to make sure they are purchasing from businesses who are experienced and know what they’re doing. This gives them confidence in how they are spending their money. In a business sense, this is referred to as being an authority, and it is largely determined by the type of content that is created and shared. Businesses can position themselves as an industry authority through a variety of techniques, such as creating webinars, teaching your own class independently or through another organization, publishing an eBook and creating infographics. Not only does this help your brand get seen as an authority, it is also unique and insightful content that will be appealing to both consumers and industry partners.

Use Images as Content

Images that are added to blogs or other similar types of content increase the chances that the user will read the post in its entirety, assuming the images are contextually relevant. However, using images on their own can also be an effective way to share information and get your brand noticed. Take Instagram, for example. This image-based social media platform has grown to be one of the most popular social channels in the world, blurring the lines between social media marketing and content marketing. Original and interesting images can be used in more places than just your business’s social media pages or blog posts. For example, you can create tutorials with images, use images for before-and-after scenarios and promote your product or service, all of which are perfect for both print and digital use.

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