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What Not to Do with Banner Ads

Common Mistakes Made with Banner Ads

Banner advertising has become a popular method for increasing traffic to websites while increasing brand awareness and generating more leads. Whether you’re using static banner ads or animated ones, this form of advertising has the potential to stand out because of its targeting capabilities. If you’re just starting out with this form of advertising or currently have a campaign running, you’ll want to make sure you avoid these mistakes that are often made with banner ads to ensure you get the highest return on investment.

Excessive Ad Copy

The main reason why banner ads stand out more to consumers is because they are generally more visually appealing and less wordy compared to other forms of advertising. However, many people make the mistake of incorporating too much text into the banner, which can take away from the overall design of the ad and make it appear cluttered. Excessive copy will likely irritate your prospective customer since it interrupts what they’re doing and they won’t click on the ad, or they will ignore the ad altogether. Be careful to not leave out information though, as you don’t want to leave users guessing. Use text that is essential for the message you are trying to convey and make it easy to understand.

Irrelevant and Uninformative Landing Pages

Your landing page is where you get to go into more detail that is specific to the message of your banner ad. Be careful not to get carried away when it comes to writing the copy of your ad’s landing page. If a prospective customer clicks on your ad, you want to make sure you are giving them adequate information so they stay on your website and are more likely to contact your business or complete some other action. If they leave your website almost immediately after clicking on the ad, your entire campaign will suffer and perform poorly.

Bad Positioning

Where your ad appears on-page has a large impact on overall campaign performance. By now, most users know where ads typically appear on web pages, which can make it difficult to attract and engage them because they learn to ignore the content where ads are typically placed. Ideally, you want your ads to be placed where the user has the highest amount of concentration and within their eye-path on the page. In an even broader sense, you want to make sure you are positioning your ads in front of a strategically-targeted audience, meaning those who are most likely to actually become customers. Make sure your banner ads are appearing on websites that your target audience is most likely to visit, and don’t forget to utilize social media channels, like Facebook, when determining where to place your ads.

Not Rotating Ads

If you’re seeing a decline in engagement as your campaign progresses, it could be because you aren’t rotating and creating new ads over time. You want to keep prospective customers engaged and interested in your ads even after they’ve already seen one. Rotating your ads and incorporating new ones into your campaign can serve as reminders of your company, as well as attracting new users to your website. Remember to be consistent with design and messaging in order to increase brand recognition. You should have multiple ad sets, but they shouldn’t look like they’ve all come from different companies. Make sure each of your ads resemble other marketing and advertising components, and keep colors, fonts and themes consistent.

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